Thursday, June 21, 2007

Brindled Staffie Cross

My Person came home today smelling of Jack Russell and Border Collie. Jack Russell is called Towser and here he is:

Yesterday Person smelled of two Rotties and the day before she smelled of a Brindled Staffie Cross called Pippin. That is funny, because I'm called Pip.

When she left Pippin's house, my Person whispered to her I love you and I would like to put you in my bag and take you home.

I don't know if I want a Brindled Staffie Cross in my Home - especially a Brindled Staffie Cross called Pippin. I already have Monty the Mont and I have Marmite to teach I'm BOSS. (Monty the Mont doesn't agree).

Anyway, Person says Brindled Staffie Cross Pippin's own Persons love her too much, so she can't come to my home.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Home for Poppy where she is Safe and Loved

Poppy is a Greyhound. She isn't a Grey Greyhound though. Poppy is Tan. She should be called a Tanhound. Poppy looks a bit like ME.

Poppy is 5 years old.

Poppy's Persons have SPLIT UP and Poppy has NOWHERE TO LIVE. All she longs for is to be Safe and Loved. I am Safe and Loved. So is Monty the Mont and so is Marmite.

I don't like the sound of SPLITTING UP. I did have my WOUND last year though, when I pierced myself on the wire fence.

Poppy was an Irish racing dog. Before her Persons SPLIT UP, Poppy was just starting to be a Dog and not just a Racing Machine. I want to find Poppy a NEW HOME so she can be Safe and Loved just like I am.

Person came home smelling of two HUGE Great Danes on Thursday. They are called Pluto and Skye. Because Person is a Dog Listener she showed Great Danes Persons how to give Pluto and Skye Time Out by IGNORING them, and THANKING them when they Bark.

When Person left she called Pluto to her and gave him a Treat. Then she called Skye to her and gave her a Treat too.

On Friday morning Pluto and Skye's Persons said to my Dog Listener Person: "Did your treats have some sort of Tranquiliser in them? How can they have changed so dramatically – it is amazing".

Anyway, I like to be a Racing Machine. Monty the Mont and Marmite can't catch me.

And it would take a LOT more than that to Tranquilise ME.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

That Bloody Pip

I was very WORRIED today. I thought Marmite was Never Coming Home. Monty the Mont thought Marmite was Never Coming Home.

He-Person and He-Person's Rellies from New Zealand took Marmite for a Hunt (Persons say Walk). Marmite is Monty the Mont's Rellie. They have the same father.

He Persons and Rellie-Persons didn't take me for a Hunt and they didn't take Monty the Mont for a Hunt. We stayed at Home with Person.

On Monday I didn't get any of Person's attention because on Monday Luke and Lovely Louise brought Elle-Baby-Person to our house. Ruth Person's Second Born and Allen came to our house too. These are She-Person's Rellies.

I was Shut behind the caging, Monty the Mont was Shut behind the caging and Marmite was Shut behind the caging.

I like the smell of Baby. But I couldn't even get to Baby Elle's feet to lick them.

So on Tuesday I thought it was time to get some ATTENTION.

He-Person called me That Bloody Pip on Tuesday. She-Person said she couldn't think What Got Into me.

But instead of ATTENTION, Person didn't SPEAK to me all evening. Person didn't LOOK at me all evening. Person IGNORED me.

Person didn't SPEAK to me all Wednesday. Person didn't LOOK at me all Wednesday. Person IGNORED me.

Person did all her Dog Listening things with me. Person did Gesture Eating with me. Person kept me BEHIND her.

Anyway, I knew Person wouldn't be able to keep it up because she loves me really. On Thursday she gave me a Big Cuddle.

Perhaps He-Person and He-Person's Rellies from New Zealand will take me for a Hunt tomorrow.