Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cold Outside

No Wise Men. No Santa. No Gifts.

Perhaps it's because I dug HOLES last year. Perhaps it was because I make a BIG FUSS when Person takes Milly out and leaves me behind.

Anyway, we had SNOW in our Field.

Marmite EATS SNOW.

Silly Milly EATS ICE.

Silly Milly brings ICE from our water bucket into the house. Milly Scrunches ICE.

Here is Tiny Tilly.

Tilly is a Puppy Cocker Spaniel.

Tilly nearly CHOKES herself because she pulls on her lead so Person advised Tilly's Persons to get Tilly a Harness. Person showed Tilly's Person how to get Tiny Tilly to WALK NICELY.

Just sometimes I try to PULL on my lead, so Person Changes Direction.

Just sometimes Marmite and Monty the Mont try to PULL on lead, so Person just Changes Direction.

Or she just STOPS and WAITS. And WAITS.

Person says Silly Milly walks BEST OF ALL and that's because Milly never did Dog Training. Milly was never Yanked Back like they do in Dog Training and Milly was never Commanded Heel like they do in Dog Training.

Milly walks BEST OF ALL just because Person showed her how and she wants to.

Milly has Tufty Ears.