Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bye Bye Sweetie Pie

Today I licked Person's Face.

Wet. Salty.

Today Sweetie Pie went to live with Lovely Lottie.

In her new Always Home.

Anyway, Today is New Year's Eve. Bye Bye to the Noughties.

(Sweetie Pie was a Naughty sometimes).

Bye Bye Sweetie Pie:(

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lovely Lottie

Sweetie Pie may go to live with Lovely Lottie soon.

Sweetie Pie's New Persons may call her Lulu.

Anyway, It's Christmas in two days' time.

(That's something to do with a Baby Person Born in a Manger).

I was a Baby Dog Born in Rescue Kennels.

And here is a picture of Lovely Lottie

Monday, December 14, 2009

Fostering Beryl

We are Fostering BERYL.

(We are Not Good at Fostering).

Fostering means for a SHORT WHILE. Not for ALWAYS.

If Person was Good at Fostering there would be No Milly. If Person was Good at Fostering there would be NO ME!

There would only be Monty the Mont and Marmite.

Because Person is not Good at Fostering we are here for ALWAYS.

Beryl is an English Springer Spaniel and she's just Seven months Old.

I heard Person calling her Sweetie Pie.

Here is Sweetie Pie talking to Milly.

And here she is with me in the SNOW.

Sweetie Pie is Very Playful. Sweetie Pie SPRINGS (because she is a Springer).

I can Spring too. I have Sprung onto my Chair in our Dog Den.

Person went to visit Lincolnshire Dog Lady Sue. She lives with Lincolnshire Horse Man Garry.

And Herbie.

Here is Herbie drinking water with a Big Horse.

Herbie is Very Good at Coming Back when Called.

Person went to see Lottie because Lottie is NOT Very Good at Coming Back when Called.

Here is Lottie with Cleo.

Person went to see a Golden Retriever who is 9 months old. Another Lottie!

Goldie Lottie is Not Very Good at Coming Back when Called either.

(Sweetie Pie might one day go and live with Lottie).

Springers SPRING. Retrievers RETRIEVE. German Shepherds SHEPHERD.

And I.......LURCH?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Top Dog

Monty the Mont stands over Silly Milly. He says I AM TOP DOG.

Monty the Mont tries standing over ME sometimes.



I am TOP DOG really - not Monty the Mont.

(I let Person think she's TOP DOG! Ha ha. I humour her).

When Milly and I play NOISY PLAY Monty gets Worried.

Monty doesn't like CONFLICT. He barks at us. He stands between us.

Me - well I LOVE CONFLICT with Silly Milly. I Love Conflict with Monty the Mont. Marmite is too lazy.

Conflict with Milly is difficult when Person is around. Conflict with Monty the Mont is difficult when Person is around.

This is because Person Breaks Up Conflict.

Person stands Very Still and Silent. She WAITS for us to stop. She waits and she waits.


Or she keeps walking backwards and forwards between us till we just give up.


Anyway, Person went to see a dog called Millie. Yes, ANOTHER Milly.

Millie is a Beagle. Once, before her Persons rescued her, Millie lived in a pack of Hunting Hounds.

Then she got lost or stolen.

So now Millie was an Only Dog.

While her Persons were out at work each day she was so Unhappy she HOWLED and HOWLED. She broke things. She hurt herself. She toiletted indoors.

The vet gave her some Happy Pills.

My Person showed Millie's Persons how to slowly to get her ok with being all alone.

Slowly, slowly, slowly Millie got better. Slowly slowly the vet the cut down the Happy Pills.


Dillon is five months old. Dillon is Very Playful.

Sometimes Dillon and Millie do a little bit of Conflict.

Dillon and Millie LOVE each other.

Here are some more Happy Dogs.

One of them is Jester who writes on my Message Board.

Which one is Jester?

Jester is the one in the Middle.

I should be there too. We could play Chase. We could CONFLICT. Even FIVE Paterdales would never catch ME.


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Silly Season

Silly Milly is being Very Silly. Milly is In SEASON.

It is Milly's SILLY SEASON.

Last time it was Spring. This time it is Autumn.

Milly Prances around me. She Paws me. She Barks at me. She Wriggles her Bum at me.


Person says that's because I have No Balls.

No Balls? There are two Yellow Tennis Balls and one Red Rubber Ball in the box with our Old Bones.

Anyway, I'm glad she doesn't have Summer and Winter as well. Spring and Autumn is quite enough, thank you.

Marmite can't have a Silly Season. Marmite has had The Operation. (I hope Milly soon has The Operation also).

Anyway, I love Monty the Mont best of all.

Every evening He-Person says Where's that Flaming Chocolate Dog?

Marmite is outside, in the dark, hoovering up the bird seed.

Person went to see a Portuguese Potengo on Sunday.

Here he is. His name is Tom.

Tom barks when he is Sad or Scared when his Persons go out and leave him by himself.

Then Person went to see Barkly Bear.

Barkly Bear is a Labradoodle and he is Petrified of Traffic.

His Tail goes Between his Legs; he Licks his Lips.

Person said Don't take him near Traffic for now. Not until he is ready.

Here is Barkly Bear looking a little Worried.

Anyway, here I am trying to get Monty the Mont to PLAY.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Adventure

I had a BIG Adventure.

Every night, while I am Asleep in bed, a Little ANIMAL comes into our field and Runs Around.

The Little Animal comes in through a Little Round Hole in the fence.

Every morning I Sniff and I Follow where the Little Animal has been Running Around in our Field.

But SNIFFING where the Little Animal has been running around is not what I want. I want to FIND the Little Animal.

So, while Monty the Mont, Marmite and Milly were all in the house, I went to the Little Round Hole where the Little Animal comes through the fence.

Very quickly I made the Little Round Hole into a BIG Round Hole.

I didn't find the Little Animal, but I did meet two Very Nice Ladies.

The Two Very Nice Ladies let me jump into their car. Onto the soft seat! We went for a ride.

Because my Person is the Dog Lady, people bring Found Dogs to her.

Usually it's the Found Spaniel from over the road or the Found Alaskan Malumute from down the road.

Person went to the Kind Ladies' car. It will be that Found Spaniel from over the road again, she said.

The Kind Ladies opened their car door so Person could take a look.


I said Goodbye to the Kind Ladies and I said Goodbye to the Builder who was by our house and I said Goodbye to the Man down the road who was watching and I said Goodbye to the Postman who was there too.

Now there is Sheep Wire over the Little Animal's big hole.

But Sheep Wire won't keep the Little Animal out!

It is not a Sheep. I think it is a Weasel.

Sheep Wire won't keep a Weasel out.

Anyway, here is a picture of us on our new beds.
And here are Monty the Mont and Marmite eating more Apples.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Last Apple

Here is Milly. She is looking at our Last Apple.

I jump HIGH and grab apples for Marmite and Monty the Mont and Milly.


Now there is only One Apple left.

Person has been to see lots of Puppies recently.

Here is Winston who is six months old. Winston is a BROWN Cocker Spaniel.

Winston is the same BROWN as Marmite!

Winston likes to DIG HOLES.

Yesterday Person met Toby and Ruby. They are Patterdale Terriers. Toby and Ruby are 14 weeks old.

Toby and Ruby are brother and sister. They LOVE each other. They cuddle up together.

Toby and Ruby also FIGHT each other. Things Get Out Of Hand.

Persons says it's not Proper Fighting. They are Playing 'Who Is Top Dog'.

Ruby bites Toby's ear and Toby Screams. Toby Screams before Ruby's teeth even touch his ear! He Screams just in case.

When Toby Has Enough and he gets his own back.

Anyway, when I have to show Monty the Mont that I am Top Dog, Monty usually stands still. Monty doesn't Scream. He looks the other way. He looks the other way and waits for me to Stop.

Just sometimes, though, Monty the Mont Has Enough and gets his own back.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eyes and Eyebrows

I am a Sight Hound. I SEE EVERYTHING.

I SAW the Green Flower Pot that Silly Milly found (I did let her keep her Red Toy).

Person went to see a Lurcher called Del Boy. I am a Lurcher too!

Del Boy is Fearful of Persons he Doesn't Know. Del Boy is Fearful of Dogs
He's Getting Better now.

(I'm not Fearful of any Persons. I'm not Fearful of any Dogs).

Del Boy is Rough Coated with Bushy Eyebrows.

(I am Smooth Coated and I have Whiskers not Eyebrows).

Here is Del Boy with Bushy Eyebrows.

Anyway, I have NINE Whiskers over my right eye and I have ELEVEN Whiskers over my left eye.

Person Counted them.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kissing Karen

Karen came to see us. I haven't seen Karen for a Long Time.

And Silly Milly hasn't seen Karen for a long time.

Silly Milly was very SCARED when she saw Karen a Long Time Ago. Silly Milly is SCARED of persons, but she is Getting Better.

I just had to Kiss Karen, Monty the Mont just had to Kiss Karen, and Marmite just had to Kiss Karen too.

Silly Milly didn't want to be Left Out.

Soon Milly was Kissing Karen!

Person says Kissing Karen is PROGRESS.

For some reason it isn't Progress when I Kiss Karen.

Kissing Karen is Just Too Much when I do it, Much too Much when Monty does it, and Simply a Nuisance when Marmite does it.

Person has just visited a Utonagen. Her name is Leila.

Leila looks just like a WOLF.

Leila is nearly as Scared of Persons as Milly.

Person says Milly is Scared of Persons because puppies need to meet lots of different persons and see lots of different things before they are twelve weeks old.

Milly didn't get used to persons before she was twelve weeks old. She was in a shed called a Puppy Farm with just other dogs for company.

So Silly Milly will probably be a little bit Scared of Persons ALWAYS.

Anyway, I am never Scared of Persons

Monday, May 04, 2009

Person went to see a Terrier called Poppy yesterday.

Poppy is a very NERVOUS Dog. Poppy Licks Doors and she can't stop. Poppy Chases Shadows and she can't stop. Poppy Sucks her Soft Toy and she can't stop.

Poppy PANTS a lot. Poppy DRINKS a lot. Poppy SHAKES a lot.

Person is showing Poppy's Persons how to Take Poppy's Stress Away. Soon Poppy will be more CALM and HAPPY.

Anyway, I'm not a NERVOUS Dog.

Here is Poppy's Cat. Poppy's Cat isn't NERVOUS either - until Poppy Chases her that is.

Here are Dandy and Jasper. They are Brothers. They are nine months old.

Dandy and Jasper had started Fighting. Especially over CHEWS.

Dandy and Jasper don't Fight over Chews any more.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Milly's Crimes

Person says Milly has been Trying it On.

Person showed Milly that Trying it On Wouldn't Get Her Anywhere.

So Milly is a Good Girl again now. (I like it best when Milly is Trying it On).

Person says it is because she is a Teenager.

Person has made a list of her CRIMES.

She CHEWED the Tea Towel

She CHEWED the Dish Sponge

She BROUGHT INDOORS Burnt Wood from the Bonfire

She CHEWED the edge off the Veranda Mat

And she STOLE a Pack of Drawing Pins and scattered them everywhere.

So Person has now Removed All Opportunities. The Tea Towel is out of reach now, the Dish Sponge is behind the taps, the Bonfire is blocked off, the Vernada Mat is covered, and no Packs of Drawing Pins are left about.

I expect Milly will find a New Crime to do. I hope so.

Anyway, here is Jester's Sister Lolepop with some of the PUPPIES!

And here is Sam who Person went to see last week. Sam is a Girl. Sam looks just like Milly.

Sam doesn't do Teenage Crimes any more now she's 18 months old.

And here is Bella. Bella is a Mix of King Charles Spaniel and Half Chihuahua. (I am a Mix of two things also).
Bella is a very LITTLE dog, and Bella looks very GOOD. But Bella is 11 months old, so she is a Teenager like Milly. Bella Tries It On too.

Anyway, Person says I'm a GOOD BOY now because I have at last Grown Up.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Big black dog and little black dogs

Person's Friend's Patterdale Terrier Lolepop whose brother Jester writes to me on my Blog Zonkboard has just had SEVEN PUPPIES.

The Puppies are Black.

Monty the Mont is Black too.

Person went to see a Black German Shepherd the other day. Her name is Luna.

Luna means MOON.

Black Moon?

Luna is 16 months old and I would like to play with her.

I am a Speed Hound, so I would be able to catch her.

I am a Sight Hound too, but I may not be able to catch Luna in the dark. Unless the Moon is Silvery that is, not Black.

I can always catch Milly in the Dark.

Silly Milly isn't Black.

Milly and I have started a New Hole. A new BLACK Hole.

Person says she wishes she had Caught us In The Act.

Anyway, I am a Hearing Hound too. I can Hear Person Coming.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Eyes, arms and Legs

I am a Sight Hound. I can see a LONG WAY AWAY.

I can see Dogs in the distance going for Walks.

The other day I went for a Walk with Person. Just me. I was walking nicely beside Person and she Fell Over.

Person had a Black Eye.

I have Brown Eyes.

Today Person Went to see a German Shepherd called Ella.


Well, she GRABBED Person by her arm, she GRABBED Very Hard, as Person walked into Ella's house.

Person now has a BIG BRUISE.

Poor Ella is only 21 months old. She had been trained to GRAB people by their arms. Then, because she wasn't good enough at GRABBING people by their arms, they Got Rid Of Her. She was in Rescue Kennels for a whole year before her persons rescued her.

So now Ella must learn not to GRAB people by their arms.

Milly is a German Shepherd too, but Milly doesn't know how to GRAB people by their arms.

Anyway, if Person had four legs she would not have Fallen Over.

I have Four legs, so does Monty the Mont, so does Marmite and so does Silly Milly.

Dogs have four legs especially so they don't Blow Over when it's Windy.

Here are Marmite's four legs, and here is Monty the Mont looking puzzled.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

new toy

Person met Hector last week. Hector is a Great Dane.

Hector is ENORMOUS.

Hector is a VID. A Very Important Dog. Hector ate a VLS which is a Very Long Stick and Hector was In the News.

The vet pulled out the Very Long Stick.

Hector was Asleep at the time.

The Stick was Two Person Feet Long. My Person actually held The Stick in her hands.

Anyway, Milly has a New Toy. Milly's New Toy is Red and it Squeaks.

I have Milly's New Red Toy which Squeaks. It's mine.

I am not asleep. Not really.

Monty the Mont, Marmite and Milly can't have the New Red Toy. That is because I am a VID.

Milly can have her New Red Toy that Squeaks when I am ready.

Silly Milly sometimes chews sticks (and stones).

Silly Milly doesn't EAT them though.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Snow and Cesar Millan

Person dropped Cesar Millan in the bath.

Cesar Millan says dogs need Boundaries and Limitations. Our Field as a Fence.

Tomorrow Person is going to see a Rotweiller called Cesar.

Anyway, Marmite is now a Dalmation.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Snow and feet

Yesterday Person gave me a Bone.

Person gave Monty the Mont a Bone, she gave Marmite a Bone, and she gave Silly Milly a Bone.

I wanted to Bury my Bone outside but the door was shut.

We Swapped Bones.

And we Ate Bones. Marmite Ate the most Bones.

Marmite eats SNOW too.

Today the snow is a FOOT deep. A PERSON FOOT that is, not a DOG FOOT.

In the snow Marmite has no Feet at all. Marmite has no legs either.

Here is poor Jester's foot after he tore his toe nail out.

And here are Milly's Feet after she dug a Big Muddy Hole the other day.


She brought the MOLE in to show Person. Then she Ate the Mole. In One Gulp.

Anyway, I expect there is another Mole for me to dig up.

When the Snow goes away.