Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Broken Leg

Last week Person went to see Amy and Alfie.

They are Rough Haired Collies.

Amy is only 11 weeks old. Amy doesn't have Rough Hair. Amy has Soft Fluffy Hair.

Amy also has a Broken Leg.

Amy's Broken Leg is in a long Pink Bandage.

Amy can't run. Amy must not Play with Alfie.

Amy has to spend a Long Time in her Crate or Puppy Pen. This is to keep her leg safe.

Amy is a Very Good Girl because she doesn't Chew the long Pink Bandage.

Anyway, I have Short Wiry Hair.

Person says to me How can so much Hair fall out of you Pip.

She has got a Special Comb called a Furminator. She has to be very careful because my skin is Near the Top.

Here is a Picture of Denny who Person went to see a while ago. Denny is a Lurcher a bit like ME.

Del knows he is Very Important too, like me.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Person went to see Sweetie Pie Lulu yesterday.

Without ME.

Lovely Lottie and Lulu Play.

Lovely Lottie and Lulu SLEEP.Anyway, I am now in my New High Place. I am IMPORTANT.

It is nine o'clock in the Morning.

Silly Milly is in the field Sniffing for Little Animals.

Marmite is Asleep Again. Monty the Mont is Asleep Again. Marmite is Snoring.

Marmite and Monty the Mont were both Asleep all Night.

Marmite and Monty the Mont were both Asleep much of Yesterday Evening too.

Not ME. I am usually Doing Stuff in the Evening. Doing Stuff with Milly.

Yesterday I helped her to Chew Up the Sponge Person uses for washing dishes.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Zac who doesn't sleep at night

Person went to see Zac who DOESN'T SLEEP AT NIGHT.

Zac Wakes his Person up in The Night. So Zac's Person Doesn't Sleep in The Night either.

Zac lives with Issy.

They are both Chocolate Labradors like Marmite.

My dad was a Labrador. Not a Chocolate Labrador. My dad was Pale Labrador.

Here is Zac sleeping in The Afternoon. His head is on Issy.

Zac Sleeps in The Morning. Zac Sleeps in The Afternoon. Zac Sleeps in The Evening.


Every night Zac HUFFS and every night Zac WOOFS.

(The Neighbours don't want to hear Zac HUFFING and WOOFING in the Night Time. The Neighbours DO want to Sleep at Night).

Zac's Person has to STOP Zac HUFFING and WOOFING in The Night. Somehow.

Zac's Person is Very Very Very TIRED.

Person had to wake Marmite up to take her picture. (Milly has to be in all photos).

Marmite Sleeps most of The Morning.

Marmite Sleeps most of The Afternoon.

Marmite Sleeps most of The Evening.

Marmite Sleeps at Night.

Marmite does a LOT of Sleeping.

Soon Zac will Sleep at Night. Soon Zac's Person will Sleep at Night too.

Anyway, I have a New High Place to Sleep.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Marmite has been Eating SNOW again.

Marmite looks like a Spotty Dog. She has a White Nose.

Sweetie Pie Lulu has Spots. Brown Spots. Brown Spots on her legs and Brown Spots on her nose.

Sweetie Pie Lulu is a Very Happy Dog living with Lovely Lottie.

Lottie's Person is teaching her how to be a Very Good Dog. This may take a little bit of time, Person says.

(Person says she is still Working On ME).

It is so COLD our water bucket is frozen.

It is so COLD I sometimes wear my Winter Coat. This is because I only have a thin Coat of my own. I am a THIN Dog.

Marmite has a Thick Coat. She has two layers of Coat. Marmite is NOT a Thin Dog.

Marmite EATS everything she can find.

Person feeds the Blackbirds with Sultanas.

Person has to feed the Blackbirds High Up. She feeds the Blackbirds High Up so that Marmite can't eat the Sultanas.

Sultanas and Grapes are POISONOUS for Dogs.

Anyway, here is a picture of Me, Marmite and Monty the Mont saying HELLO to the Goose.

The Goose Can't Fly like the Blackbirds. The Goose doesn't Eat sultanas.

Poor Goose Never Eats at all.