Monday, April 05, 2021


My Back Legs Stopped Walking.

I was Going Back Home.

I Rolled Down my Field Steps.

Person gave me a Special Harness. 

I Will Wear my Special Harness All the Time.

Yesterday was Easter Sun Day.

Sun Makes Shadows.

Zara has a Shadow.

Person has a Shadow.

Anyway, It was Good Dogs Day on Friday. 

(Good Friday isn't Pickle's Day)

Easter isn't for dogs. Chocolate Makes Dogs Sick.

I'm Not Sick.

I'm Just Old.

Thursday, March 18, 2021

I Am Tired

This week I am Tired.

I Sleep. I am Still Tired.

I am Too Tired to Blog.

Anyway, Pickle has The Last Word. 

As Always.


Sunday, February 28, 2021

Oh Dear Deer

First Milly Sniffed the Air. 

Then Zara Sniffed the Air.

Then Pickle Stopped Pickling to Sniff the Air.

I Sniffed the Air.

Up High. Up High on the Bank. 

But not a Dog?

Yesterday Person Wanted a Picture of us all for My Blog.

Pickle was sitting on the Bonfire.

Zara was Taking a Break from Looking for Things to Eat.

 Milly was asking Is this Pigeon Poo? 

Milly was 13 Last Week. I am Nearly 16.

Sometimes my Back Legs Collapse. I Sit on my Poo.

Dear Dear.

Anyway, here is a Picture of Me. Thinking. Thinking About Walking Up the Slope and Back Into the House.

Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Out of Sink

Person says my Back Legs are Out-of-Sync.

I Wear my Harness all the time so Person can Help Me to Get Up.

Pickle has Found the Squeaker. 

Duck Looks Sad

Milly has Removed the Stuffing. 

Milly is Thirteen Years of Age Next Week. Person may Give Milly a New Duck.

What Revolting thing has Zara been Eating?

Pickle is Waiting to Take Over My Blog.

Pickle will Have To Wait.

Anyway, Dirty Duck should Go in Sink. 

Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Off With the Old. On With the New.

Off with the Old Pip?

On with a New Pip?

I am Going Nowhere. 

Not Yet.

Person says it's not a Happy New Year. 

It Might Be Happy New Summer when Person Comes Home Smelling of Other Dogs again.

But Person won't have a Happy New Summer without ME.

Pickle is Happy Rushing About.

Pickle is Happy Wrecking his Toy Tortoise.

Pickle is Happy Waiting for Person to get him out of HER Bed.

Milly is Happy when she has a Ball.

Here is Zara Waiting for Her Tea.

Zara is Most Happy When She is Eating. 

Anyway, this is ME when I was One Year Old.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

My Back Left Leg and a Not Very Merry Christmas

My Back Left Leg doesn't Walk Properly.

But sometimes I can RUN. I Gallop like a Horse.

Pickle is Running About, Getting in the Way. 

As He Does.

Milly is Standing Looking. 

As She Does.

Zara is Looking For Something to Eat. 

As She Does.

Here I am in My Favourite Chair wishing you a Merry Christmas.

I can't Get Up there now.

Anyway, Person says This Year Christmas Is Not Merry. 

Everyone must Stay At Home.

(I Like Staying At Home with Milly, with Zara - and even with Pickle).

Thursday, December 10, 2020

RIP Doyle

Doyle from The Other Side Of The World.

My Special Blog Friend.

The Vet couldn't Make Him Better.

Doyle Sent me this Message:

He will find a Good Field and Wait for me When I Am Ready.  So that I recognize him, he is Brown and White. He has Freckles On His Nose and his Tail Will Be Wagging.

I shall find that Good Field quite soon and I shall look for a Smallish Brown and White Dog with a Wagging Tail and Freckles on his Nose.

I shall know him as soon as I see him.

Tuesday, December 08, 2020


What - ME??  I did That?

Person says "Don't Worry".

"I have a Latex Glove, I have a Poo Bag. I have Wet Wipes".

Me, I just Sleep.

Person says Pickle is a Clever Boy.

In The Night, when I do My Job In My Sleep, Pickle Tells Person.

Pickle Stands on the Floor beside me. 

Pickle Stands Very Very Still, Staring at Person

Pickle Stands Very Very Still, Staring at Person for a Long Long Time.

Person says she can Feel Pickle Staring at her In The Night.

Person says Pickle has Found A Job at last. 

Pickle is a Poop Detection Dog!

Here is Pickle with Zara on My Sofa.

I Must Not Forget about Milly.

Milly Looks Worried when Person Takes her Photo

Anyway, I am now Wearing My Coat when I Go Out into My Field.

It's Cold in My Field.

(I also do My Jobs in My Field).


Wednesday, November 11, 2020

In Continent. In My Field

It's Autumn in My Field.

In the Evening, Zara was in My Field All Alone When B A N G!!!

Phizz, Whizz, Pop and BANG BANG BANG BANG!

Why was poor Zara So Frightened?

Fireworks are Guy Fawkes' Fault, Person says.

Person Tells Me that I'm DEAF.

Bang. Pickle Barked. Person Threw Pickle Food.

Person Threw Me Food. Person Threw Milly Food. 

Person Threw Zara Food. 

Poor Zara was Too Scared to Eat. She was Shaking.

There are Lots of Autumn Smells in My Field

Anyway, Person says I'm Incontinent as well as Deaf.

Doubly In Continent.

Can I be in Two Places at Once?

In Europe? Out Of Europe? 

I was IN My Field.

And Here I am OUT of My Field


Sunday, October 11, 2020


Last Week A Plough from the Big Field Crashed into My Fence. 

Person could have Lost Me. She could have Lost Millie and Zara. She could have Lost Little Pickle.

Eleven Years Ago when I was Four, Person DID Lose Me.

She Didn't Know she had Lost Me.

Here is what I said in my Blog in 2009.

(I did More Writing when I was Younger).


"Every night, while I am Asleep in bed, a Little ANIMAL comes into our field and Runs Around.

The Little Animal comes in through a Little Round Hole in the fence. 

Every morning I Sniff and I Follow where the Little Animal has been Running Around in our Field. 

But SNIFFING where the Little Animal has been running around is not what I want. 

I want to FIND the Little Animal. 

So, while Monty the Mont, Marmite and Milly were all in the house, I went to the Little Round Hole where the Little Animal comes through the fence. 

Very quickly I made the Little Round Hole into a BIG Round Hole. 

I didn't find the Little Animal, but I did meet two Very Nice Ladies. The Two Very Nice Ladies let me jump into their car. Onto the soft seat! 

We went for a ride. 

Because my Person is the Dog Lady, people bring Found Dogs to her. 

Usually it's the Found Spaniel from over the road or the Found Alaskan Malumute from down the road. 

Person went to the Kind Ladies' car. It will be that Found Spaniel from over the road again, she said. 

The Kind Ladies opened their car door so Person could take a look. 


I said Goodbye to the Kind Ladies and I said Goodbye to the Builder who was by our house and I said Goodbye to the Man down the road who was watching and I said Goodbye to the Postman who was there too. 

Now there is Sheep Wire over the Little Animal's big hole. 

But Sheep Wire won't keep the Little Animal out! It is not a Sheep. 

I think it is a Weasel. 

Sheep Wire won't keep a Weasel out."

Here I am in 2009.

Person no longer Comes Home each day Smelling of Other Dogs.

She sits Talking at her Desk to Persons Without Smell. 

Persons Without Smell Talk Back to her.

Zara Sleeps.

Pickle is Busy

Milly Watches.

Anyway, I have a New Collar.

It has a Magnet in it. 

Persons says my New Collar with a Magnet in it Helps my Aches and Pains.

🐾 Person says, would you like to sign up to her newsletter? She Writes about My Blog in her Newsletter.

Saturday, September 05, 2020

There's Life in the Old Dog Yet

When Person isn't Zooming, she takes me into My Field.

People Zooms All Over the World. 

Person Zooms to help Persons Dogs with Problems.

I have a Problem. It's Pickle.

I am Too Old to Zoom.

I am Not Too Old to Walk to My Field.

I am Feeling Much Better Now on my New Vegan Kibble. 

Milly Doesn't Zoom. Milly is Twelve Years of age.

Milly is In Season .... Again. 

I'm Not Interested anymore.

Anyway,  Pickle does Zoomies After Tea.

Zara does Zoomies after Breakfast.

I've Not Yet Seen Person doing Zoomies All Over the World.

🐾 My Person says, would you like to sign up to her newsletter? Next time she will write about my Blog.

Friday, July 17, 2020

Perfect Poos

Lewis Hamilton's Dog Rosco Eats Vegan Food.

Lewis Hamilton is a Racing Driver.


Person Googled Vegan Dogs.

'Old Dogs Live Longer on Vegan Diet'

'Old Dogs Make Perfect Poos on Vegan Diet'.

My Poos Just Happen.

My Poos Just Happen on the Floor.

My Poos Just Happen on my Sofa.

My Poos Just Happen in the Daytime.

My Poos Just Happen in the Night.

For One Week I have been a Vegan Dog.

For One Week I have had PERFECT POOS!

Zara Dreams About Eating.

Here is Pickle.

Someone called him a Hide-Ranger ha ha.

Someone else called him a Dog Rose ha ha

Anyway, I was once a Racing Dog.

I was FAST. 

I'm a Sighthound.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Third Brush with Death

Last Sunday I woke up lying in what Person called Smelly Soup.

Person said 'Why do Things Always Happen on a Sunday?'

Person stopped feeding me. She said 'If Nothing Goes In, Nothing Comes Out'.


Lovely Vet gave me...

Pills for My Poo.

Probiotics for My Tummy.

Liquid for My Joints.

Anyway, I have a New Collar. 

My New Collar has Magnets in it and London Busses on it.

Magnets? London? Busses?

Also, what is a Rainbow Bridge?


Little Pickle thinks I'm getting Far Too Much Attention.

Friday, June 05, 2020

Person Thought it was Bye Bye Pip

I Sniffed.

I Couldn't Stop. I Couldn't Breathe.

Then I started Coughing. I Gagged. I Choked.

Person had to Leave me at The Vet's Door. 

All By Myself.

Antisocial Distancing.

Person said No Operation.


I have a Tumour somewhere in my Throat.

Did Pickle Miss Me when I was at The Vet?

Milly HOWLED when I left home Without Her.

Zara was just.....Zara.

The Vet told Person she would Keep Me Comfortable for As Long As Possible.

I have Pills. I have Powder. I have Liquid.

Anyway, here I am as a Puppy. Fifteen Years Ago.