Saturday, February 02, 2019

Cold Outside

When it's Cold I have a Special Coat which is Clothes like Persons wear.

Milly doesn't need a Coat.

Pickle and Zara don't need Clothes like Persons wear either.  

Anyway, Pickle has Killed and Dismembered his Duck.

(Why do Persons wear Clothes when it's Not Cold?)

Monday, November 19, 2018


The Days are Getting Shorter

The Shadows are Getting Longer.

Person says it's because we Changed the Clock

(My Clock looks just the Same to me).

As the Long Grass Dies there are Different Smells

It is Dark Early. 

I Eat my Tea Early.

Zara and Pickle are Bored.

Today I Tried to Get Up onto my Chair.

It was Too Difficult.

My Days are Getting Shorter too.

This was Me on My Chair.

Anyway, it will Soon be Christmas (whatever that is).

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Who's Blog is this anyway?

Pickle Thinks Nobody can See Him. 

Is Pickle trying to Take Over MY Blog?

It's Not About Pickle. It's Not About Zara. It's Not About Milly.

It's About ME.

This is MY BLOG


I'm not The Invisible Dog

Anyway, Person read yesterday that Pigs can Outsmart Dogs! 


Sunday, August 26, 2018

National Pip Day

Today is National Dog Day.

That means National Pip Day

Here I am Eating Rabbit Droppings (with Pickle, Milly and Zara).

Person calls Rabbit Droppings Croutons.

There was No Rain. It was Too Hot.

Today, National Pip Day, is Wet and Cold.

Here I am Celebrating National Pip Day with More Sleeping

Anyway, here is Pickle, Pickling as usual. 

If you Look Very Carefully, you can see ME too. 

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Hot and Windy

Outdoors is HOT

Indoors is WINDY. This is because we have Two Fans.

My Long Eating-Grass is Dead.

Pickle and Milly have a Paddling Pool.

Pickle Pickles in the water. Pickle Rolls in the Water. Pickle Digs in the Water.

And Milly Jumps High to Catch Water.

Pickle is WINDY. Pickle Eats Apples.

And Yoghurt.

I Don't Like Water.

Zara Doesn't Like Water. 

(Person says Zara should Love Water because she's a Labrador).

Zara just Smiles.

Anyway, I have Fans All Over the World. 

Like you.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Long Grass and More Pickling

Long Grass is for Eating. Long Grass is for Hiding. Long Grass is for Rolling in.

I Choose the Best Grass to Eat.

Milly thinks I Can't See her.

Zara Watches. Just In Case Person may have Food. 

(There is Pickle in the Distance. Pickling).

Zara Thinks about Food ALL THE TIME. Person says this is Because she's a Labrador.

Person couldn't Catch Pickle in the Long Grass. 

All the time Pickling. Run Run Run Wag Wag Wag Sniff Sniff Sniff.

(Naughty Pickle Caught a Pigeon). 

Sitting Still and Waiting is Hard for a Pickle. 

Anyway, Milly is a Poser.

Person is Telling me that my Ears are Inside Out again.

And it's Night Time now....

...and a (short) Break from Pickling.

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Lumps and Molehills

Today is the Hottest Early Spring Bank Holiday since Records Began.

Two Weeks Ago Person said Your Face Looks Funny Pip.

I had a Lump Under my Eye.

The Vet said Tooth Abscess.

The Vet Removed a Big Back Tooth. I had Stitches in my Mouth.

She Cleaned all my Teeth.

I'm All Better Now.

I Like Going to the Vet. The Vet Makes a Fuss of me.

It's Too Hot for Milly to Play Ball.

It's Too Hot for Pickle to play Ball.

It's Too Hot for Zara to Play Ball.

I Can't be Bothered to Play Ball.

I Eat Grass

Anyway, Moles Live in the Bank in My Field.

Bank Holiday?

Has nobody told the moles?

Friday, April 06, 2018


I see Pickle Wrote my last Blog. I Never Said PIckle could Write MY Blog.

This is MY Blog. It's all about ME. 

MY Blog is Not about Pickle.

It was Spring Yesterday. It was Sunny.


Pickle Springs Over the Gate into my Field.

Pickle Springs into Action when he Hears Something.

This is what Pickle Looks Like when he gets Too Close.

(Why am I Talking about Pickle. It's MY Blog).

Milly can't Spring when she gets in Pickle's Crate.

She gets Stuck.

I don't Spring anymore.

I am Thirteen Years Old.

Anyway, I started my Blog in September 2006. I was Six Months Old.

My Friend from America is called Doyle. Doyle says he was very excited that Pip see this picture of him at Deer Camp last weekend.  

This is a rough cabin out in the country.  I explain because I don’t want you to think this is our house.  

Doyle and I like reading Pip’s blog.  We are going to go back and read some of his older entries.

I wish America was Nearer. I could Chase Deer with Doyle at Deer Camp. 

Friday, February 16, 2018

run sniff pant wag run sniff pant wag

Pickle here!

Yes it's ME... (busy run sniff pant wag run sniff pant wag busy)

Person told Pip that if he Didn't Pull His Paw Out she would let ME write in his Blog.

I found some Paper.

And I found a fly swat. 

I found Person's Gardening Glove

And I Killed my Frog

(busy run sniff pant wag run sniff pant wag........BARK)

Pip doesn't know I have been writing here. Yet.