Friday, October 16, 2015

Silly Season

How DARE that Pigeon look down on MY Garden?

It's Milly's Season again.

It's Autumn.

She has her Own Season as well as a Birthday. 

I only have a Birthday. I shall be Eleven in the Spring. Pickle has only a Birthday.

Zara can't have her Own Season either.

Zara and Pickle have Birthdays on the Same Day. In the Summer. 

Person calls this a Coincidence.

Pickle is Five. Zara is Four.

I Allow Zara to Share My Sofa. 

Me with Zara

I don't Allow Milly to Share My Sofa.

I Certainly Don't Allow Pickle to Share My Sofa. 

Anyway, Pickle Eats the Unripe Figs.

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Zara's is a Labrador, not a Staffie....

.... and Milly is Seven. 

It's Milly's Silly Season.