Friday, October 16, 2015

Silly Season

How DARE that Pigeon look down on MY Garden?

It's Milly's Season again.

It's Autumn.

She has her Own Season as well as a Birthday. 

I only have a Birthday. I shall be Eleven in the Spring. Pickle has only a Birthday.

Zara can't have her Own Season either.

Zara and Pickle have Birthdays on the Same Day. In the Summer. 

Person calls this a Coincidence.

Pickle is Five. Zara is Four.

I Allow Zara to Share My Sofa. 

Me with Zara

I don't Allow Milly to Share My Sofa.

I Certainly Don't Allow Pickle to Share My Sofa. 

Anyway, Pickle Eats the Unripe Figs.

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Zara's is a Labrador, not a Staffie....

.... and Milly is Seven. 

It's Milly's Silly Season.


  1. Anonymous1:01 pm

    Hi Pip,
    It is Holiday Season here now. The day after tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Person said you do not have this holiday where you live. Persons are going to family two hours away by car for the day. Family has a West highland terrier, but they are not dog people. Since the weather is cold now, people are inside and I am too enthusiastic to be inside all day. So Dudley and I are staying at kind neighbors for the day. We will have fun and may get some turkey for our dinner. This is a very exciting time of year. Next week we will be going to deer camp with the man person and his friends. Person has to get to work now, so I will have to tell you about it later.

  2. I would like to have Thanksgiving. I could Thank for Person not getting a second Little Pickle. I hope you had a lovely day with the Kind Neighbours and lots of Turkey. I hope you and Dudley were Good Dogs for them. We eat Turkey at Christmas.

  3. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Christmas is almost here. I hope Santa comes (or is it Father Christmas?) and brings you something fun. You must be good to little Pickle. Will you have a special dinner for Christmas? Will your neighbors from heaven come in for drinks? Will your person's grandson Eddie visit you? Dudley and I can't wait. We have been very good.
    Happy Christmas,

  4. In England the bearded man in a red coat and hat calls himself both Santa and Father Christmas. Persons think we actually believe he's real so we humour them. We are having a quiet Christmas and seeing family in the New Year - or at least as quiet as Little Pickle will allow. Have a lovely Christmas my friend Doyle. Don't eat all the wrong things and get too excited will you.