Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Person Screamed

Person Screamed.


Person didn't then Take Us Out.

Oh Well.

I am Blaming Pickle.

Anyway, Person Fixes Inside-Out Ears

Here I am with Fierce Teeth

And Here I am in my New Igloo Bed

This is MY Blog

But Here are Little Pickle, Milly and Zara.

Anyway, Person is Now Taking us for ONE-DOG-AT-A-TIME Walks

Pickle Makes Too Much Noise when it's Not His Turn.

Person Shuts Him Away.

Good Job.


  1. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Pip - Why did you pee in your person's boot?
    Dudley and I had a good time with our man person at Deer Camp. Our person doesn't shoot, he cooks. No one got a deer, so no venison treats or blood. We got to stay up late and sleep with person in his bunk. All the other persons there liked us and slipped us food though our person told them not to. We were very tired and smelled like campfire when we got home. There is a lot to watch over when we are camp dogs. Doyle

  2. I did think of blaming it on Pickle, but he may not be tall enough. You are a very lucky dog Doyle. I would LOVE to be a Camp Dog. Lots of Fuss, Lots of Food, Lots of Adventure.