Friday, January 01, 2016


A Year? A NEW Year? 

What happened to the OLD Year?

Did the Old Year Run Away?

Did Someone Take the Old Year?

Did Pickle Bury the Old one?

Did Person Forget where she Put It? 

Anyway, a NEW Year is a Much More Interesting Thing.

It is a LEAP Year.

I will be Eleven Soon but I can Still LEAP.

I expect it will mean Even More Leaping from Little Pickle. Oh Dear.

Anyway, A Happy New Leap from ME too.


  1. Anonymous12:33 pm

    Pip, You look very fine in your quilted coat. Is it cold there? The grass still looks very green. I have a red coat that I wear on very cold days. In the summer, persons keep my hair very short, but in winter they let my body hair grow out to help keep me warm. My legs are still short otherwise I get too many burrs from the woods. Persons say I look like a short wooly mammoth. My feet are short too to keep ice balls from getting between my toes. We have not had any snow yet this year - have you? Doyle

  2. We have just had the warmest December on record - and the wettest, Doyle. There are floods all over the country - people washed out of their homes both in Scotland and northern England.

    You red coat sounds cool (or warm;. Little Pickle has hairy feet and collects ice balls, but we've not had ice yet. the forecast says cold and ice and snow is approaching. I think I shall stay indoors. theo others can go outside. I'm nearly eleven now so Person is getting easy on me.

    I would love to meet a Woolly Mammoth. I would love to meet YOU Doyle.

  3. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Hooray we have our first snow today. There is an inch on the ground and another two will fall during the day today. I love it. Dudley is not as used to the snow as I am. His coat is short like yours, Pip, so he doesn't like the cold as I do. Persons wipe me off with a dry towel when I come back inside and it is very enjoyable to be back in the warm. Since you are in England, do you eat many crumpets? I do not like tea, but I think I would like crumpets.
    Your friend, Doyle

  4. They say we will get snow this week. Our weather is much like your isn't it. You would love crumpets Doyle but they make you very fat. I think you eat muffins?

  5. Anonymous12:31 pm

    There was a picture of London with snow in our newspaper yesterday. Person showed it to me. It was taken from a park or nature preserve looking north across the river to the city. Pip, have you ever been to Downton Abbey? I would like to go there. On TV I see woods and fields to run in and a big house to explore. Lots of fires to sleep in front of at the end of the day, and lots of people to visit who I think would make a fuss over me and feed me crumpets. We may have muffins here, but I have never had one. Persons are careful about what Dudley and I eat. Sometimes on Sunday morning we have some scrambled eggs. Doyle

  6. It was only a little snow and now all gone. We are having a very mild winter so far Person says. I have to wear my coat when I go out though. I haven't been to Downton Abbey and Person doesn't watch it. She says it's boring because it's not about dogs.

  7. Anonymous12:48 pm

    Hi Pip,
    What's new? We would like to see some pictures of what you all have been doing lately.
    We have had some snow, and I have been out in the woods. I found a small antler shed and I like to chew on it. My woman person says that if anyone falls on it, it will be the death of them. I am very proud of this, it is my treasure.

  8. Person is being very Lazy. She says she's Busy. Busy - what's that? I will tell her to write more blog for me asap and until she does I will be naughty. Someone gave me a big antler but Person took it away because Pickle runs around with it and bangs into Person's legs - and into me. You are a lucky boy keeping your antler. We chew Stagbars which are bits cut off antlers. Bye Bye Doyle. I will be back soon......