Sunday, February 27, 2011

Unshreddable Toy

Here is Little Pickle with the Toy he Can't Shred that I told you about.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Boxer, Greyhound, Lurcher and Red Hen

Person went to see a Lurcher called Jessie, a greyhound called Charlie

And a RED HEN.

Jessie is Brindled. Charlie is Brindled. I am a Pale Pip.

Charlie is a Retired Racing Greyhound. Charlie CHASED Hares.

But Charlie doesn't CHASE Red Hens.

I would. I would CHASE a Red Hen. Milly would CHASE a Red Hen. Little Pickle most certainly would CHASE a Red Hen.

Monty the Mont would BARK at us. STOP.

Anyway, Person says we won't have a Red Hen in our House.

She has no time to teach us Not To Chase Red Hens in Houses.

Next Person went to see two White Boxers. They had Black Blobs.

She says Ollie looks like a Pirate. He made her Laugh.

I make Person Laugh too.

Little Pickle makes Person Laugh. Little Pickle doesn't make ME Laugh.

Here he is with his head through his New Toy.

Person has found a New Toy that he Can't Shred.

Anyway, Person gave me her Cushion for my Favourite Chair.

Little Pickle can't Jump on me up here.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Scared dogs and Noodles

Person visited Two Border Collie Dogs.

The Two Dogs were PROTECTIVE.

The Two Dogs were SCARED.

Whenever Person Moved...the Two Dogs BARKED.


Then Border Collie Evie was Brave. Evie SNIFFED Person.

Person sat Very Very Still.

Then Evie ....... WOOFFED.

Person JUMPED.

Anyway, the next day Person visited a Lurcher. Her name is Noodles.

Noodles is Grey.

Grey Noodles?

I am a Lurcher. I am the colour of Straw.

Here is Noodles Bowing. She wants Tofu to Play.

Pickle doesn't Bow to get me to Play.

Pickle JUMPS on me.

Anyway, I need a Drink.

I have been chasing Pickle.

I want the Orange Ball.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Goodbye Marmite

Marmite was Brown.

Marmite was Soft.

Marmite was Lazy.

Marmite was Gentle.

Marmite was Friendly.

Marmite's Tail was always Waggy.

Vet Farah gave Marmite her first injection Six Years Ago.

Four days ago Vet Farah drained Fluid from Marmite's Tummy.

Marmite's Tummy was Full of Fluid because her Heart was Not Pumping Properly.

Then Marmite Stopped Eating. Then she Stopped Taking her Pills.

She just Lay Down.

Even Little Pickle was Quiet.

So today our Vet Farah came.

Marmite's Heart has Stopped Pumping now.

Anyway, Person went to see a Puppy yesterday called Porter.

Porter is a Very Big Puppy.

He is only 15 Weeks Old and he is already Bigger and Heavier than Little Pickle.

Porter is a Dogue de Bordeaux.

I am a Dogue do Bedfordshire.

Marmite was a Dogue de Bedfordshire too.

Thursday, February 03, 2011


Person is Very Busy.

She has been to see Two Brackens this week!

This is Bracken who is a Red Labrador.

Red? He looks like a dark Pip colour to me.

Bracken is Exactly the Same Age as Little Pickle! Seven Months Old.

Bracken gets a bit too Rough and Excited with his She-Person.

My Person is teaching Bracken's Persons a few Tricks.

And this is Bracken the Japenes Akita.

(I am an English Pip).

Bracken is Fluffy. Bracken is White.

When Bracken was a puppy he was Shut Outside All Alone day and night.

They didn't want him any more. They gave him away.

Next Bracken was Shut in the Bathroom All Alone day and night.

He never saw Dogs. He never saw Children. Nobody Played with him.

They didn't want him any more either. They gave him away also.

Now Bracken has a New Home where they Love him and Care for him.

Now Bracken has Two Tabby Cats to keep him company during the day.

Now Bracken, slowly, gradually, is going to get used to being near Dogs and Children without being Scared and Fierce.

Anyway, Poor Marmite is on her Last Legs.

Poor Marmite's Heart is Not Pumping Properly.

She has a Fat Tummy full of Water.

I have a very Thin Tummy.

I am still on my FIRST Legs.

Poor Marmite's Heart nearly STOPPED Pumping two weeks ago.

Very soon Poor Marmite's Heart will STOP Pumping forever.

Little Pickle knows Marmite's Heart is Not Pumping Properly. He leaves Her Alone.

I wish that Little Pickle would leave ME alone.

I Love Marmite.