Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Puppies

This week Person went to help TWO Puppies.


This is Conker.

Conker is Sixteen Weeks Old.

Conker is a Labradoodle and Conker is SCARED.

Conker is Scared of PERSONS. Conker is Scared of SUDDEN.

And this is Bella.

Bella is Five Months Old.

Bella is a mix of Beardie and German Shepherd, and Bella is Scared of....


And this is Little Pickle.

Little Pickle Wrecks Tennis Balls.

Little Pickle is sometimes Scared of ME when I am Very Cross with him.

He lies on his back. Wriggles. Waggy Waggy Tail. Whimpers.

But still Little Pickle Doesn't Learn.

Little Pickle Doesn't Know when ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

ONE Puppy is Quite Enough for ME. ONE Puppy is Quite Enough for Milly, And for Monty the Mont. And One Puppy is Quite Enough for Poor Marmite.

Anyway, Plumber Person came Last Week.

We watched him Drain the System.