Friday, May 30, 2008

Silly Milly

Milly Molly is just about OK when she is lying down. Milly Molly is Best when she is ASLEEP.

Milly likes playing with Marmite. But I don't like Milly playing with Marmite.

I get cross with Silly Milly, but Milly doesn't take any notice of me. Person never gets cross with Milly. Person is VERY QUIET. Person does STANDING STILL and DOING NOTHING.

Sometimes I show Milly my TEETH. Milly doesn't care.
Here is a picture of me showing my TEETH to Milly (and Monty the Mont is keeping out of it).

A man has come today to make some Concrete, and Milly is barking at the man. Milly is SCARED of him.

I try to tell Milly to STOP barking at the Concrete Man. I BARK at her. But Milly won't take any notice of me.

Persons says that one day Milly will Grow Good. One day, when Milly Grows Good, I will show her how to dig HOLES.

Milly is VERY BRAVE with Dogs and Milly is VERY SCARED with Persons. She tiddles if Persons look at her. She tiddles if Persons talk to her.

Milly tiddles if My Person bends over her.

So Person sits on the floor with Milly and she doesn't tiddle. Then Milly likes a Cuddle. Milly likes to be Brushed.

Anyway, I don't like Person giving Milly a Cuddle.

But Milly doesn't care.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Today Milly came.

Milly is a German Shepherd and Milly is Fifteen Weeks Old.

Person says Milly came from a Puppy Farm. Person gets our Raw Chicken Wings from a Turkey Farm.

Milly was kept in a Big Cage with other dogs and puppies.

Milly is Very SCARED of Persons.

But Milly isn't Scared of Me. Milly isn't Scared of Marmite. Milly isn't even Scared of Monty the Mont who told her off for jumping on him.

We have all been Chasing around our field in the Rain. SIXTEEN DIRTY FEET Person says.

Person is 'DOING NOTHING' with Milly because she says this will make Milly More Brave with Persons.

But I fear Milly might soon become a bit TOO Brave.

Milly has been here for just half a day and then ....... she Jumped Up Person!

Person gave Milly 'The Turid Rugaas Hand Gesture' without looking at her. (Turid Rugaas is a Very Famous Dog Lady Person who teaches Handling Skills).

DOING NOTHING doesn't sound like Handling Skills to me. DOING NOTHING sounds more like NOT Handling Skills.

Anyway, Milly is now asleep again for a very little while.

Later I shall teach her about HOLES.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Bones and Raw Food Diet

I have a Sore Nose.

I made my nose SORE because of a BONE. A Big Raw Meaty Bone. I didn't know what to do with it so I Buried it by Digging a HOLE and pushing it and covering it up with my Nose. Then I Dug it up. Then I Buried it again somewhere else. Then I Dug it up again. Then I Buried somewhere else. Then I Dug it up again.

Then Person took my Big Raw Meaty Bone away.

The other morning I thought I was going to get my FOOD. My nice Crunchy Dried Food. But Person gave me two Raw Chicken Wings instead.

Is this FOOD? Do I EAT them? HOW?

Marmite was already SCRUNCHING her Raw Chicken Wings because Marmite will Eat Anything. Monty the Mont then SCRUNCHED on his Chicken Wings.

Person cut mine Two Raw Chicken Wings into little bits. I Sniffed them.


Then, for tea Person gave me SLUDGE.

I Love SLUDGE. It is TASTY. Sludge is all minced up. It has Raw cabbage and cauliflower and carrots, and sometimes it has Raw Fish, and it always has Raw Meat, it sometimes has Raw Liver and it sometimes has Raw Cows Heart, and sometimes it has Fruit.

This is what my SLUDGE looks like.

And here is Marmite eating SLUDGE.

I can now Scrunch my Chicken Wings. I have Worked It Out!

Anyway, Chickens don't need their Wings because Chickens Don't need to Fly. Chickens RUN. They have to RUN in order to cross roads so they can get to the Other Side.

Person also gave us BIG RAW MEATY BONES to chew.

Marmite took her Big Raw Meaty Bone into the Field. Monty the Mont took his Big Raw Meaty Bone into the Garden.

I first took my Big Raw Meaty Bone into the Kennel to my Bed.

Person now only gives us SMALL Raw Meaty Bones, because my Big Raw Meaty Bone made my Nose BLEED.

Then, when there are only three little bits of Meaty Bone left, we all lie down together in the field and Swap Bones.