Thursday, December 15, 2016

Dog in a Manger

A Person called Baby Jesus was born Two Thousand and Sixteen Years Ago. 

In a Manger.

I was Born nearly Twelve Years Ago.

In Rescue Kennels.

Person calls me Lazy Boy.

Pickle has a Blue Ball.

Zara has a Blue Ball.

Milly has Two Blue Balls. 

I'm a Sight Hound. 

I can Tell the Difference Between a Ball and a Rabbit. 

I can Tell the Difference between a Ball and a Pigeon. And a CAT.

I'm Not a Lazy Boy when I See a Pigeon.

Anyway, Pickle Says Why are you Pointing That Thing at me?

When are we Going Out? 

Milly Tries to Pick Up All Three Balls. 

Person says Milly is a Dog in the Manger.

Marmite had Mange when she was A Puppy.

Marmite was our Chocolate Labrador. Marmite Died Five Years Ago.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Who (or What) is WEEN?

Hallo Pickle-the-Black-Cat!

Hallo Milly-the Witch!

Hallo Zara-the-Treat!

HALLO Pip-the-Trick!

Who Is WEEN?

Hallo Luke Person with Little-Dexy.

Hello Person!

Watch out for Scary-Ween.

Anyway, Who IS Ween?

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Balls. Lots of Balls.

Person brought home a Bag Of Balls.

LOTS of Balls.

Pickle Digs in the Water with the Balls in it.

Pickle Scatters the Balls All Over the Garden.

Milly Puts the Balls Back into the Water.

Zara is Scared of Water. Zara was Very Brave. Zara Stepped in the Water and got out a Yellow Ball.

There aren't many Balls in the Water anymore.

Pickle brings Balls into the house. Pickle Chews Balls. Pickle Chews Bits off them.

I keep Well Away from the Water. I keep Well Away from the Balls. I try to keep Well Away from Pickle.

Anyway, Milly is In Season.


Milly is In Autumn this time.

Person is Keeping me Well Away from Milly.

She says Keeping me Well Away from Milly protects my Joints.

(Keeping me Well Away from Pickle would protect my Brain).

I would rather Hump Milly than Play with Balls.

(Zara is hijacking MY photo).

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

When the Sun Goes Down

Person says to me You Are Getting Old. 

Person doesn't like someone to say You Are Getting Old to her.

I won't play Ball with Person. 

I Lie Around a lot.

Son-Person has come to Live With Us for a while.

I will Play Ball with Son-Person though. He takes me out By Myself. 

I Like being taken out By Myself.

It is HOT.

Why does Little Pickle DIG and Dig and Dig in the Paddling Pool Water?

He's Wet.

Me, I keep away from Water.

Milly Likes a Small Den where it'e Cool. Under Person's Desk.

Pickle and Zara like a Small Den where it's Cool.

Anyway, Person went to a Dog Show and was Kissed by a HUGE Dog called a BoerBoel.

A Boerboel comes from South Africa. It's Hot in South Africa too.

I hope Son-Person will take me into the Field By Myself. 

I hope Son-Person will Play Ball with me again when the Sun Goes Down.

Friday, June 24, 2016


She Person is Talking Loudly.

He Person is Talking VERY Loudly.

She Person says she's is IN. He Person says he's OUT.

In? Out?

We have Grass Beds not Flower Beds in our Field.

We Love IN the Grass Beds.

I Choose the Best Grass to Eat. 

Zara Eats Grass.

Pickle Eats Grass.

Here am I coming OUT of a Grass Bed.

My Bed is the Sofa.

I'm ON. Not IN and not OUT. ON.

Pickle's Bed is ON a Sofa too. Not MY Sofa.

Anyway. the OUTS Won. The INS Lost.

I like ON Best. Person says I'm getting Lazy in my Old Age.

Monday, May 02, 2016

May? May Not?


Person says it is Now May.

I was Born in a Rescue. Mum was a Saluki. Dad was a Labrador.

We were All Rescued Together.  Eleven Years Ago. 

In May.

So, Now is May

Surely, Now is Is.

When is May Not?

May Not is when Pickle Lies on My Sofa

May Not is when Pickle Takes My Chair

We May Eat Grass

Pickle May Eat Berries

Pickle May Sleep under Person's Duvet

I May be Eleven?

There is no May about it.

I AM Eleven.

Anyway, Person WILL give Zara a treat when she Comes In.

Person WILL give me a treat when I Come In.

Not MAY.

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

My Friend Doyle

Here is my Special Friend, Doyle.

Doyle lives the Other Side of the World.

I want to Chase Rabbits with Doyle the Other Side of the World.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Half Term Smells

It was Half Term.

What Does a Half Term Smell of?  


Anyway, SOMETHING has been in our field.

A Mouse? A Rat? A Pigeon? A Mole? A.... C A T ??????

Little Pickle Caught a Mouse in the Bonfire. 

Pickle Ate the Mouse Alive. 

Milly can Smell Little Animals in the Bonfire too.

I can See a Long Way.

I am a Sight Hound.

I am also a Smell Hound.

Friday, January 01, 2016


A Year? A NEW Year? 

What happened to the OLD Year?

Did the Old Year Run Away?

Did Someone Take the Old Year?

Did Pickle Bury the Old one?

Did Person Forget where she Put It? 

Anyway, a NEW Year is a Much More Interesting Thing.

It is a LEAP Year.

I will be Eleven Soon but I can Still LEAP.

I expect it will mean Even More Leaping from Little Pickle. Oh Dear.

Anyway, A Happy New Leap from ME too.