Friday, June 24, 2016


She Person is Talking Loudly.

He Person is Talking VERY Loudly.

She Person says she's is IN. He Person says he's OUT.

In? Out?

We have Grass Beds not Flower Beds in our Field.

We Love IN the Grass Beds.

I Choose the Best Grass to Eat. 

Zara Eats Grass.

Pickle Eats Grass.

Here am I coming OUT of a Grass Bed.

My Bed is the Sofa.

I'm ON. Not IN and not OUT. ON.

Pickle's Bed is ON a Sofa too. Not MY Sofa.

Anyway. the OUTS Won. The INS Lost.

I like ON Best. Person says I'm getting Lazy in my Old Age.


  1. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Hello Pip!
    I have just been to the groomer. My favorite groomer, Valerie. Before me, persons never had to take their dogs to a groomer. I have a very short sport cut. My fur is not woolly any more, I am slick. All of us are going on vacation starting Saturday. We will stay right on a lake where I can swim all day. We will go on a boat. Dudley's person will come to see him for a few days, but Dudley will stay with us. We are very excited. Persons are packing our beds, and food and lots of treats because we will be very good boys.
    Your friend,

  2. Hi Doyle, you are such a LUCKY DOG! I've not seen the sea since I was about one year old and I'm now eleven! I rolled in a dead fish and Person wasn't happy. She had to travel for two hours in a smelly car. We didn't have Little Pickle then, nor Milly, nor Zara. We had two Labradors. Have a lovely time. xxx