Sunday, December 10, 2017

Philosophical Me

Where does this White Stuff Come From?

My Fields is a New World of New Smells.

Person says I Get Philosophical as I Get Older.

I Think Therefore I Am.

Pickle Sniffs Therefore Pickle Is.

Pickle Digs Therefore Pickle Is...Pickle

Pickle makes the White Stuff Yellow

Milly Looks Therefore Milly Is...

Milly Plays Catch Snow.

Pickle wants to Go Out In the White Stuff again.



Pickle's Philosophy is Don't Wait To Do Later What You Can Do Now.

Anyway, Person says Don't Miss the Donut through Looking Through the Hole. 

Person is Philosophical Too. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Hurricane Ophelia. Hurricane Pickle Next?

Today the Sun was RED. 

Hurricane Ophelia brought Red Dust from the Sahara.

But Zara isn't Red. Zara is Yellow.

I'm Yellow. 

Pickle is Black.

Anyway, who said Pickle could Lie on MY Bed?

Go Away and Bother Milly.

Pickle Never Stops. 

Zara has Three Speeds. Slow, Slower and Stop.

Will Hurricane Pickle bring Black Dust?

Sunday, August 27, 2017

What is a Cocker Spaniel German Shepherd Mix?

Pickle Tries.

(Person says if he Could Find a Way, he Would Find a Way).

Milly is On Heat. AGAIN!

Milly does Whining Noises when she's On Heat. 

Milly does Panting. 

(Person says Humping Milly is Bad for my Joints). 

My Joints?

Zara doesn't have Heats. 

Anyway, Milly has a Sore Nose.

Our House has a Smart Meter to Control Heat.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

PicklExit and New Husky

Another Election.

Can I Vote for Picklexit?

Last night the Weather was Wild. Today the Weather is Wild.

I'm Not Going Out.

But Wet Pickle still Wants to Play.

Zara Loves Long Grass.

We Eat Long Grass. 

Person says We Look Like Cows.

Milly's Blue Tongue

Anyway, TV is Talking. Will May Get In?

May Get In?

May Has Gone. It's June.

Anyway, Grandchild Elle asked Person, Can I Have A Dog?

I Want a Husky.

(Oh NO Not Another Puppy)!

Instead, Person had a Better Idea.....


Friday, April 28, 2017

Guns and a Disembowelled Chicken

Zara and Pickle SHOULD be Working Dogs.

Zara and Pickle are Gun Dogs.

Is Pickle A Nuisance because he's a Gun Dog Without a Gun?

But Zara isn't A Nuisance and Zara is a Gun Dog.

I'm a Sight Hound. I'm Not a Nuisance.

I sometimes Hear Bangs behind our Field.

Person says Oh Dear.

Because Pickle is a Gun Dog Without a Gun, Pickle has to Make Do with Disembowelling his Chicken

Milly isn't a Gun Dog. Milly isn't a Sight Hound.

Milly is a Guard Dog with Nothing to Guard.

She sometimes Tries to Guard Person.

Anyway, Pickle will have to Make Do with his Chewed Sucked Smelly Disembowelled Chicken.

And I can Sleep.

I Sleep a Lot now because I am Getting Old.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Happy Mothers Day

Day for Happy Mothers?

Person calls me Lazy Boy now.

I was Born in May 2005. I am Nearly Twelve Years Old.

I was Born in Rescue.

My Mother was a Saluki. She wasn't a Happy Mother.

Milly was Fourteen Weeks Old and had Never Been Outside. 

Milly had Only Ever Seen Two Persons.

Milly's Mother wasn't a Happy Mother either.

What about Pickle's Mother? (What did she have a Little Pickle for anyway?)

Person kept seeing the same Poster on a Gate: 'One Puppy Left'.

Oh Dear.

Happy Mother's Day is for Zara's Mother. Zara's Mother Lived with Persons in a Home.

Anyway, I am a Sight Hound, just Like My Mother.

I can see a Long Long Way.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I Know Things

It's Frosty.

I KNOW Things.

I Know that a Trump Person Plays Golf in Scotland.

I Know that Trump Person has his Own Field. (I have My Own Field too).

Trump's Field is a Golf Field.

I Know that Golf Balls are Little. Golf Balls are Heavy.

(Our Balls are Blue. They are Light).

Person had to Crack the Ice on my Rainwater Tub.

Anyway, here Zara Takes a Break from Looking for Things To Eat.

Zara Trumps. 

Zara Trumps because Zara Eats Things.