Friday, January 13, 2012

Relaxed Pip


Milly, Little Pickle and Zara LOVE Snow.

They Go WILD. They CHASE. They ROLL About. They DIG.

I prefer to Eat Berries off the Hawthorn Tree.

(Hawthorn Berries are Good for Dogs' Hearts).

Milly, Little Pickle and Zara find Hawthorn Berries in the Snow.

Here Little Pickle and Zara are Waiting to Go Outside. They want to Go WILD in the Snow.

They are Being Good and Patient. Even Pickle.

Anyway, Snow is COLD.

Snow is WET.

I Don't Like COLD. I don't Like WET.

Lying on my Bed is Good For My Heart.

Monday, January 02, 2012

New Year

LinkI am Lord Pip.

What is this Happy New Year anyway?

Monty the Mont had an Ear Infection recently. Person put Smelly Powder in Monty's Ear.

Babydog Zara Licked the Smelly Powder.

Monty the Mont didn't have a Happy New Ear. He didn't have a New Ear at all.

He is Happy with his Old Ear.

Zara's Rottie Friend Kobi has Gone Away to live Somewhere Else.

Babydog Zara still has Little Pickle to Play with

Anyway, I love Monty the Mont and Milly best.

So long as they Do What I Tell Them.

Does a Sea Horse have Ears?