Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dog Show at the Pub

Babydog Zara Won a Red Rosette for Being A Best Puppy.

I didn't Win a Rosette for Being A Best Pip.

That's because Person Left ME at Home, with Monty the Mont, Milly and Little Pickle.

Little Pickle could have Won A Best Annoying Cocker Spaniel Rosette.

Afterwards Babydog Zara Slept beside Person while Elvis Sang.

When Babydog Zara came Home she was Very Very Tired.

If I had been there Elvis could have sung Hound Dog.

Here is Babydog Zara with Rosie and Rowly.

Rosie and Rowly Won Two Best Dog Prizes each.
Anyway, who wants to Listen to Elvis?

Friday, September 09, 2011

Outside in the Dark

This is ME. I am Outside in the Dark.

With ME Outside in the Dark is Monty the Mont, Milly, Little Pickle and Baby Zara.

I think I Like Baby Zara.

Baby Zara is now Eleven Weeks Old.

Zara DIGS. I used to DIG too.
Person has given Zara a Special DIGGING HOLE. When all the Earth is Gone, Person fills it up again.

Zara likes to Play with Milly's Tail.

Zara likes to Lick Milly's Face.

Anyway, this is ME this morning, sitting in MY Chair, while Person writes MY Blog.

Out of Baby Zara's Way.

Out of Little Pickle's Way.

Person says I look ELEGANT.