Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Little Star of Bethlehem

A Jolly Christmas from Me.

(And from Milly and Zara and from Pickle too I suppose).

Last year Person gave all Five of us Bones for Christmas.  She says I must Keep Quiet about What Happened Afterwards.

(Five dogs with The Runs - shh).

Here is Pickle with Zara. 

Zara is a Good Dog. 

Is that a LIGHT Shining on Zara? Is it a STAR?

Where is Bethlehem?

Bethlehem is a Long Way Away. Take Pickle with you, Zara.

Maybe you will find Monty the Mont there.

Anyway, it's Windy here. I don't like Wind.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Monty in The Box


Monty the Mont is In this Box.

Or so Persons says.

We have a New Dog Den. Monty's not in our New Dog Den because he is In The Box.


Milly has been In Season yet again! I had to Hump her All By Myself.

Because Monty is In The Box now.

Pickle would rather be Sleeping or Pickling.

Zara used to play with Monty the Mont.

Now she wants Milly to Play instead.


Anyway, I found a Hedgehog in our Outside Kennel. 

Milly came To Sniff. Zara came To Sniff. Little Pickle came To Sniff.

Monty couldn't come To Sniff because he is in The Box.

Hedgehog lay Very Still and Very Small and Very Prickly.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

RIP Monty the Mont

Monty the Mont has Disappeared.

Person took Monty out and he didn't Come Back.

Persons are Quiet and Sad.

I have been Looking for Monty.

Is he somewhere in the field? Under the Willow?

Monty the Mont liked Under the Willow.

Here I am with Zara and Little Pickle.

I wouldn't look for Pickle if he Disappeared.

Milly sometimes Disappears. She Hides in Pickle's small crate.

Anyway, Bye Bye Monty the Mont

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Apples and Very Revolting Things


I started my Blog Eight Year Ago, when I was One.

Monty the Mont is nearly Eleven.

Sometimes Monty Can't Eat which is strange because Monty the Mont is Always Hungry. Monty has something called Steroids which Make him Eat.

Monty already lived with my Person when she Rescued me - when I was a Puppy.

Anyway, sometimes I don't eat. I'm Not Hungry.

Sometimes I eat Very Slowly so that Monty and Zara have to watch me and DROOL.

Monty Loves Apples. Milly Loves Apples. Little Pickle Loves Apples and Zara Loves Eating Everything, most especially Very Revolting things.

Person has put the old Puppy Pen around the little Apple Tree to Save the Apples.

Little Pickle can Climb Over the Puppy Pen. Person says he's like a Cat.

I Don't Like Apples.

Yesterday Person threw lots of food all over the field and we went on a Big Hunt. Or Monty, Milly, Pickle and Zara went on the Big Hunt.  

(Zara was still Hunting long after everyone else had Finished. Zara is Very Greedy).

I couldn't be bothered. I soon Gave Up.

I hope I don't have Steroids to Make Me Eat.

Anyway, Little Pickle likes Chasing the Ball best of all.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Monty the Mont is getting old

Before Person has even Thrown the Blue Ball, Little Pickle is Running.

Sometimes he Can't Find it.

Milly is Clever. Milly Keeps her Eyes on the Ball, Person says. 

(Eyes on the Ball?)

Zara doesn't Chase the Blue Ball. Zara prefers to Chase Pickle.


I am the Fastest Dog. 

I am a Sight Hound and I am a Speed Hound.

I Watch. I Wait. 

Monty Doesn't Do Chasing anymore.

Monty the Mont is Getting Old.

We like Rain Water best of all.

Pickle gets IN Water Rolls About.

Anyway, Monty the Mont has a White Muzzle.

Monty has White Hairs on his Face too.

I tried to tell you about Person's White Hairs, but she won't type it for me.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Bones and Books

The other day Person Gave us each a Bone to Keep Us Busy.

Person had Guests. 

Guests are Persons who've not come to see Me! (Nor Monty the Mont, not Milly, Nor Zara and certainly Not Pickle).

Person made a BIG MISTAKE

The Bones Person gave us were Cooked Bones.

Next day I was ILL. Monty was ILL. Milly was ILL. Zara was ILL. And Little Pickle was ILL. 

We were ALL ILL.

We Ate Grass to Feel Better.

Anyway, Person's friend Lisa has written a Book. The Book is called The Heartbeat At Your Feet.

I Don't Like Books. 

Person Fixates on Books. When Person is Holding a Book she Ignores me.

Anyway, here is Pickle Pickling behind the Tree Fern.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

No More Stitches

My Stitches are All Gone now.

I had to Stand Very Still while the vet cut them with Scissors.

They were Blue Stitches.

Person says because I am Skinny and have No Fur I must still Wear my Coat.

Person has No Fur but doesn't Wear a Coat. (Perhaps that is because she's not Skinny).

I have a New Ball. An Orange Ball. 

I try to make it POP but I can't. It is called a Magic Ball.

Everyone wants my Magic Ball.

Milly Takes my Magic Ball into the Kennel. 

Pickle has to have His Own Ball. It has a Bell in it.

Anyway, this afternoon Zara is Eating Sticks.

Monty the Mont doesn't want his Photo taken.

And I am Taking a Break. 

A Break from Worrying about who wants MY Magic Ball.

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Very BIG Wound

Person said my Gashes were DEEP.

She says it's because I Race through Narrow Gaps. This Narrow Gap must have had Sharp Things in it.

Here are my Two DEEP Gashes.

The Vet Put Me Under. 

Under WHAT?

I wasn't Under anything when I woke up.  I just Felt Sick. And Wobbly.

The Vet had made my Wound BIGGER. She did it while I Was Under.

I now Wear My Coat. 

I can't Lick my BIG Wound. Monty, Milly, Pickle and Zara can't Lick by BIG Wound. 

I had a my First Wound when I was one year old. I told you all about it in my Blog back in 2006. I had my second BIGGER Wound when I was Three Years Old back in 2008. 

Now I have My BIGGEST Wound. I am nearly Nine Years Old now.

Person is giving me Special Food.

(In future I won't Eat unless Person gives me Special Food).

Monty the Mont and Millie don't get Special Food. Nor does Pickle. Nor does Zara.

That's because they don't have a BIG Wound like me.

Anyway, this is Person' Friend Lisa's dog Charlie.

Charlie has One Eye.

They must have Put Charlie Under Something too when they Took Charlie's Eye Away.

They might Take My Eye Away next time. 

I think I shall now Stay On Top and not Go Under any more. 

Nor Race through Narrow Gaps.

Friday, February 07, 2014

Person has Eyes in the Back of her Head


I Watch. I Wait.

I Watch Zara, I Watch Milly, and I Watch Monty the Mont.

Then I POUNCE on Monty.

Monty the Mont is TEN YEARS OLD. 

Monty the Mont is the Same Age as Person!

Anyway, this is DoggyCam. 

DoggyCam has EYES.

Person says to Pickle, "I have eyes in the Back of My Head. 


I have eyes in Front of MY Head.