Thursday, April 17, 2014

No More Stitches

My Stitches are All Gone now.

I had to Stand Very Still while the vet cut them with Scissors.

They were Blue Stitches.

Person says because I am Skinny and have No Fur I must still Wear my Coat.

Person has No Fur but doesn't Wear a Coat. (Perhaps that is because she's not Skinny).

I have a New Ball. An Orange Ball. 

I try to make it POP but I can't. It is called a Magic Ball.

Everyone wants my Magic Ball.

Milly Takes my Magic Ball into the Kennel. 

Pickle has to have His Own Ball. It has a Bell in it.

Anyway, this afternoon Zara is Eating Sticks.

Monty the Mont doesn't want his Photo taken.

And I am Taking a Break. 

A Break from Worrying about who wants MY Magic Ball.

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