Monday, March 24, 2014

A Very BIG Wound

Person said my Gashes were DEEP.

She says it's because I Race through Narrow Gaps. This Narrow Gap must have had Sharp Things in it.

Here are my Two DEEP Gashes.

The Vet Put Me Under. 

Under WHAT?

I wasn't Under anything when I woke up.  I just Felt Sick. And Wobbly.

The Vet had made my Wound BIGGER. She did it while I Was Under.

I now Wear My Coat. 

I can't Lick my BIG Wound. Monty, Milly, Pickle and Zara can't Lick by BIG Wound. 

I had a my First Wound when I was one year old. I told you all about it in my Blog back in 2006. I had my second BIGGER Wound when I was Three Years Old back in 2008. 

Now I have My BIGGEST Wound. I am nearly Nine Years Old now.

Person is giving me Special Food.

(In future I won't Eat unless Person gives me Special Food).

Monty the Mont and Millie don't get Special Food. Nor does Pickle. Nor does Zara.

That's because they don't have a BIG Wound like me.

Anyway, this is Person' Friend Lisa's dog Charlie.

Charlie has One Eye.

They must have Put Charlie Under Something too when they Took Charlie's Eye Away.

They might Take My Eye Away next time. 

I think I shall now Stay On Top and not Go Under any more. 

Nor Race through Narrow Gaps.

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