Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Person Screamed

Person Screamed.


Person didn't then Take Us Out.

Oh Well.

I am Blaming Pickle.

Anyway, Person Fixes Inside-Out Ears

Here I am with Fierce Teeth

And Here I am in my New Igloo Bed

This is MY Blog

But Here are Little Pickle, Milly and Zara.

Anyway, Person is Now Taking us for ONE-DOG-AT-A-TIME Walks

Pickle Makes Too Much Noise when it's Not His Turn.

Person Shuts Him Away.

Good Job.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Silly Season

How DARE that Pigeon look down on MY Garden?

It's Milly's Season again.

It's Autumn.

She has her Own Season as well as a Birthday. 

I only have a Birthday. I shall be Eleven in the Spring. Pickle has only a Birthday.

Zara can't have her Own Season either.

Zara and Pickle have Birthdays on the Same Day. In the Summer. 

Person calls this a Coincidence.

Pickle is Five. Zara is Four.

I Allow Zara to Share My Sofa. 

Me with Zara

I don't Allow Milly to Share My Sofa.

I Certainly Don't Allow Pickle to Share My Sofa. 

Anyway, Pickle Eats the Unripe Figs.

Add caption
Zara's is a Labrador, not a Staffie....

.... and Milly is Seven. 

It's Milly's Silly Season.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Looking Silly

The Vet took away my Lumps and Bumps while I was Asleep.

I must not Lick my New Wound.

I had to wear a Person-T-Shirt.

I Look Silly.

I  Peed on my first Person-T-Shirt.

I am Not Happy.

Milly is HOWLING.

Milly is telling All the Dogs in our road About My New Wound.

About Me Looking Silly.

Anyway, here are Baby-Dog Zara and Little Pickle Cuddling Up Together

I Don't Like Cuddling Up.

I Especially don't like Cuddling Up with Little Pickle.

I like it All By Myself in my High Chair.

My New Wound is Better Now.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lumps and Bumps

I have A Lump.

Charles The Vet says he will Take My Lump Away before it grows into a Big Lump.

Take it Away?

Anyway, it has been Hot. Pickle Rolls in Water. (I Don't Like Wet). 

Pickle Plays Ball when it's Hot .  Zara Plays Ball when it's Hot. 

I am Ten Years Old now. 

I like Lying in the Shade.

Zara Sometimes Goes Mad and Chases Pickle Around the Sitting Room.

I Bark.

Milly Watches.

Person Shuts Pickle in his Crate.

Person Shuts Zara Behind the Dog Den.

Zara hasn't Got a Lump like Mine. Zara is only just Four Years Old. 

Person says Zara is Too Young for Lumps and Bumps.

Perhaps the Vet, when he Takes my Lump Away, can Take Pickle Away too?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

No Camels in My Field

Here is a Picture of ME. 

Black working cocker spaniel on back of sofa
ME (Pickle in the way)

You can See My Foot. You can See My Tail. You can See My Nose.

Person Went to a Naughty Beagle Last Week. 

Even Naughtier than Pickle!

Beagle standing on coffee table drinking tea

Beagle likes Standing on the Table. Beagle likes Drinking his Person's Tea from his Person's Mug.

I am Pip of Arabia. Isn't Arabia where Nights come from. And Camels?

We get Nights in My Field.

Lurcher wrapped in duvet
I prefer Nights Under my Duvet. 

Anyway, I have Seen a Hedgehog in My Field. 

I have Never Seen a Camel in My Field though.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Very Strange Things

Two Very Strange Things Happened. 

After Breakfast it was Night Time. No Birds.

Then Milly Was Bitten by an Invisible Animal.

Milly was Under the Willow Tree.

German Shepherd has mystery wound

Quickly I Ran to Milly. Pickle Ran to Milly. Zara Ran to Milly. 

If it was a Fox I would Catch it. If it was a Rat, Pickle would Catch it. If it was a Weasel, Pickle would Catch it. (Zara doesn't Catch Animals).

But there was Nothing for us to Chase.

Very Strange.

So I Went Back to what I Was Doing. Eating Grass.

dog eating grass
Me eating grass

Anyway, here Pickle isn't Pickling which is Another Strange Thing. He is Lying Quietly with Milly and Zara.

Me, I have the Other Sofa All To Myself.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Chickens and an Egg

Person went on a Chicken Camp. To Help her to Clicker Train Dogs, she says.

Camp? Chicken? Clicker? Dogs?

Chicken Train ME?

To do WHAT?

I don't Eat Chicken Food (I Eat CHICKEN). I Don't Peck either.

I don't need to be Chicken Trained. Person just has to Ask me Nicely and I will Sit for her anytime.

Person's Chicken Laid an Egg.

Egg laid by chicken camp chicken

Our Sarah has Written a Book.

Sarah's Book Smells New and Printy and Papery.

Dog lying besidce Sarah Hyndman's book
Me with our Sarah's book

Anyway, here is Person with Other Persons Holding Chickens.

Theo Stewart holding her chicken
Person with her clicker chicken

Monday, January 19, 2015

Do Goats Chase Balls?

Am I a Sheep? Am I a Goat? What's a Goat?

Do I Smell like a Goat?
Labrador sniffing lurcher on sofa
Zara and Me

Do Goats HOWL?

When I HOWL Milly Howls, Pickle Howls and even Quiet Zara Howls.

Cocker Spaniel with ball

Anyway, Little Pickle has a New Blue Ball. 

He Teases Zara. 'You Can't Have My Ball'.

Zara Chases Pickle. Milly doesn't Chase Pickle.

German Shepherd
Person says 'No Chasing in the Sitting Room!' LOUDLY.

Then Zara has to go in the Dog Den for a while to Calm Down.

Golden Labrador

I wonder whether Goats Chase Balls.