Sunday, April 19, 2015

Very Strange Things

Two Very Strange Things Happened. 

After Breakfast it was Night Time. No Birds.

Then Milly Was Bitten by an Invisible Animal.

Milly was Under the Willow Tree.

German Shepherd has mystery wound

Quickly I Ran to Milly. Pickle Ran to Milly. Zara Ran to Milly. 

If it was a Fox I would Catch it. If it was a Rat, Pickle would Catch it. If it was a Weasel, Pickle would Catch it. (Zara doesn't Catch Animals).

But there was Nothing for us to Chase.

Very Strange.

So I Went Back to what I Was Doing. Eating Grass.

dog eating grass
Me eating grass

Anyway, here Pickle isn't Pickling which is Another Strange Thing. He is Lying Quietly with Milly and Zara.

Me, I have the Other Sofa All To Myself.


  1. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Poor Milly. Was it a bee or a wasp or maybe one of those nasty flies that bites? I hope she is better now and that it did not become swollen.


  2. It was something with TEETH Doyle. She had a similar cut the other side.

  3. Anonymous12:33 pm

    Could it have been a squirrel? Are there squirrels in the willow?
    I like to chase squirrels, and sometimes I catch them. The little ones are very tasty.


    1. The willow had no leaves and I have never seen a squirrel here. It could have been a weasel or a large rat perhaps. When you catch a squirrel Doyle, what do you do with it then? Do you eat it?

  4. Anonymous12:46 pm

    Hi Pip,
    No squirrels??? This is something I can't imagine. They are everywhere here. Whether I catch a live squirrel, or find a dead one, the first thing is to play keep away from my man person. I have to get close enough to show him what a good thing I have, but not so close for him to take it from me. He can be a real spoil sport. After I parade around with it, I like to eat it. If it is too far gone to pick up, I like to roll in it. When that happens, I have to ride home in the bed of the truck and be hosed off in the driveway. I love to swim, but I do not like to be hosed off.

    Is it summer now in England? Our newspaper had pictures of a new baby in England and my woman person is very interested. My man person is not. I like babies and children. I like everyone.


  5. We do have squirrels here but not in my field, Doyle. Rotting flesh is great isn't it - like Channel Number 5 to humans. Person once put shampoo all over me when we were out and then sent me for a swim in the river to wash it off and the smell of fox poo. Fox poo is the best for rolling in. As I have grown older I somehow have lost interest.

    It's late spring in England. The new Royal Baby has a Cocker Spaniel who is black just like Pickle and he's called Lupo