Saturday, May 23, 2015

No Camels in My Field

Here is a Picture of ME. 

Black working cocker spaniel on back of sofa
ME (Pickle in the way)

You can See My Foot. You can See My Tail. You can See My Nose.

Person Went to a Naughty Beagle Last Week. 

Even Naughtier than Pickle!

Beagle standing on coffee table drinking tea

Beagle likes Standing on the Table. Beagle likes Drinking his Person's Tea from his Person's Mug.

I am Pip of Arabia. Isn't Arabia where Nights come from. And Camels?

We get Nights in My Field.

Lurcher wrapped in duvet
I prefer Nights Under my Duvet. 

Anyway, I have Seen a Hedgehog in My Field. 

I have Never Seen a Camel in My Field though.


  1. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Hi Pip,
    I have never seen a hedgehog, but I would like to very much. I have never seen a camel either. I have had some wonderful adventures lately. One night about a week ago I got a baby possum in our back yard. My man person made me drop it. He wasn't sure if I killed it or not, but in the morning when we checked it was gone. That is called playing possum. Then last weekend, I found a turtle in the woods. My person told his friends that "He (me) has one heck of a nose." I was very proud. I would love to find some fox poo. I sounds lovely.
    Your friend,

    1. Hedgehogs are Prickly. They go into a Prickly Ball if you touch them with your nose. Ouch. they ae also full of Fleas.

      You are a Very Good Dog dropping your special baby possum for your Man Person. Turtle? Do you chase turtles too? You have much more intersting animals to chase in your country.

      We get Fox Poo too. We get losts of foxes. We get lots of urban foxes. Some people feed them and other people shoot them. Pickle likes to roll in Fox Poo. Maybe you can try rolling in Possum Poo?

  2. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Hi Pip,
    Wednesday was my birthday. I am now 8 years old.
    Persons have told me to stop getting older, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
    It is very hot here lately. When we go to the woods, I get in the creek. I am a very good swimmer.
    Does it get hot where you live, Pip?

  3. Happy Birthday Doyle! Zara is 4 on the 27th and Pickle is 5 on the 27th - the same day. Person says it's a Big Coincidence whatever that means. It gets hot here but not very hot. Sometimes walking on the road can hurt my feet. x

  4. Anonymous12:42 pm

    Something is going on at my house, and I don't like it. Maggie, the dog I live with sleeps all day. She doesn't play with me anymore. Now she won't eat much - even special food the man person makes for her. In the last couple of days she has almost fallen down a couple of times. Persons used to say "it's not time yet", now they are saying "it's time" and their eyes are wet. The man person is going to call our veterinarian, Aunt Joanne, to see what her schedule is this week. The woman person said to make sure they know we want to come in the back door. I have never been in the back door.

    1. That doesn't sound good Doyle. It happened like that with Monty the Mont, and before that with Marmite. Person kept saying 'I will know when the time is right'. My Person says to tell you that she is So Sorry.