Thursday, March 29, 2007


Yesterday Person was being a Dog Listener and she went to see a Dog with SPOTS all over him. He was called Oscar.

I wish Person had taken me with her to see Oscar. I have never seen a dog with SPOTS before. They were Black SPOTS.

I don't have any SPOTS, nor does Monty the Mont and nor does Marmite. (I have seen Persons with SPOTS though, but they were Red Spots, not BIG BLACK SPOTS like Oscar's).

Here is a picture of Oscar. My Person was giving him a Treat.

Person didn't give me a Treat when she got home from seeing Oscar though. She just Ignored me instead.

Later, she did give me a little bit of Sausage, and Monty the Mont and Marmite.

I have another picture to show you. It is Noola, Dizzy's new puppy. Noola and Dizzy's Persons are Dog Listeners too, so they Ignore Dizzy and Noola when they come home, just like Person Ignores me.

Anyway, perhaps Dizzy and Noola are given a little bit of Sausage later.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Springer Spaniel

My Person Dig Dog Listening with a Spaniel today. It was a Springer Spaniel.

She is called Zebedee because she is Springy. Zebedee is Ten Months Old.

And here is a picture of Zebedee being IGNORED.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Great Danes

My Person went to see two Great Danes yesterday. Ziggy and Maddie had had a fight and Ziggy had Two Wounds. Ziggie and Maddie's Person had a Big Wound on her arm when she stopped them Fighting.

Great Danes are VERY BIG DOGS.

When my Dog Listener Person first goes in people's houses, she IGNORES their dogs. So she IGNORED the Great Danes.

My Person often Ignores me as well. I know that if I stay quiet for a little while she will then be nice to me.

It is very difficult to IGNORE Great Danes. Ziggy's nose touched Persons nose. Person tried not to laugh. She would not look at Ziggy though. SUDDENLY Ziggy made a loud WOOF, right in her face.

Person says that Ziggy was soooo BIG I could stand up underneath him.

Anyway, I wouldn't have been scared of Ziggy. Marmite wouldn't have been scared of Ziggy. I think Monty the Mont might be a little bit On The Defensive if he met Ziggy.

Here is a picture of Maddie in her bed. It is the Biggest dog bed there is.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Puppies to Play With

My friend Ole is a Daddy. He doesn't live with the Mummy though. He just VISITED her. She is a Patterdale like Ole.

My Person says Fathers should Take Responsibility for their Children. Perhaps Ole should have ALL the puppies living with him so that he can Take Responsibility for his Children.

Ole's Persons are going to allow Ole to Take Responsibility for just one puppy.

Here is a picture

AND, my new friend Dizzy's Persons have given Dizzy a new puppy to play with.

I would Love a new puppy to play with.

I can't be a Daddy. I had The Operation.

Person's fourth born Luke is a Daddy and he lives with Lovely Louise and they have a Baby Girl. (I am not allowed to call her a Bitch).

Marmite has had The Operation as well because Monty the Mont is her Half Brother and if they had Puppies it's called In-Breeding. (Wolves don't do In-Breeding because only the Alpha Pair make babies. Then they Take Responsibility for their Children).

Anyway, if She-Person gave me a puppy to play with I could show it all the holes I dug under the fence when I was little but which I'm too big to get through any more.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Very Nasty Accident

When Person was OUT doing Dog Listening, I nearly had a Very Nasty Accident.

It was fortunate that He-Person was here.

I was playing my game of Pretending to Kill Monty the Mont in our field, when I caught my bottom teeth under Monty's collar.


He-Person heard me Screeeeaming. Monty the Mont was running around the field and I had to run around the field as well because I was joined to him by my bottom teeth.

He-Person Chased us. Monty the Mont ran, pulling me along by my mouth. He-Person was running SHOUTING stop stop STOP.

I was SCREEEEEAMING so Loudly that Marmite was BARKING and Jumping and Crying too.

At last He-Person unclipped Monty's collar. (This took a long time because the collar was very Tight with my jaw inside the collar as well as Monty the Mont's neck).


If He-Person had not been here to unclip Monty the Mont's collar, I might still be joined to Monty's neck by my mouth. Then I would either STARVE or DIE of Thirst.

He-Person Saved my Life.

So, Dog Listening isn't always good for dogs. It's not good for me if I nearly have a Very Nasty Accident with Monty the Mont while she's away Dog Listening with other dogs.

Anyway, here is a picture of Marmite's feet.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Getting Naughty

My Person has been out a lot doing Dog Listening.

She says I am getting NAUGHTY. Yesterday she called us all IN from our field.

Marmite is Slowest but she came IN first. Monty the Mont wanted to come in but I didn't let him. I stood in front of him and I ATTACKED him. I grabbed the fur on his neck.

Then I let Monty the Mont go in.

Later, when I felt like going in it was Too Late. Person had shut me out in the field by myself.

So Person says she is going to BLITZ me with Dog Listening for a couple of days. I am waiting for my tea. I have tried asking but Person is ignoring me. I am now lying down patiently, not looking at her. That will Do The Trick.

I knew it would.

I was a Good Boy at Person Training (Dog Training ha ha) today. Marmite was a Good Girl at Training. Monty the Mont stayed in the car because he doesn't like Training. He is On the Defensive. He doesn't like being with lots of dogs in a small place because he can't run away if he's scared.

I am Never scared at Training. I just stay close to Person when the Big Black German Shepherd that Growls looks at me. Marmite used to be a little bit Scared to start with. She then made a Puddle on the floor like she did at the Vet's. Linsey Person was never cross with her. Linsey Person is a very Kind Trainer.

Anyway, Person is going to try taking Monty the Mont back to Training soon. She says now he has been thoroughly Dog Listened that he will trust her to look after him. Then Monty the Mont won't have to worry about the other dogs. He won't have to be On the Defensive.

Person likes going to Training because she likes TALKING to other Persons. It's for herself really. Not for me, not for Marmite and certainly not for Monty the Mont.