Saturday, March 17, 2007

Very Nasty Accident

When Person was OUT doing Dog Listening, I nearly had a Very Nasty Accident.

It was fortunate that He-Person was here.

I was playing my game of Pretending to Kill Monty the Mont in our field, when I caught my bottom teeth under Monty's collar.


He-Person heard me Screeeeaming. Monty the Mont was running around the field and I had to run around the field as well because I was joined to him by my bottom teeth.

He-Person Chased us. Monty the Mont ran, pulling me along by my mouth. He-Person was running SHOUTING stop stop STOP.

I was SCREEEEEAMING so Loudly that Marmite was BARKING and Jumping and Crying too.

At last He-Person unclipped Monty's collar. (This took a long time because the collar was very Tight with my jaw inside the collar as well as Monty the Mont's neck).


If He-Person had not been here to unclip Monty the Mont's collar, I might still be joined to Monty's neck by my mouth. Then I would either STARVE or DIE of Thirst.

He-Person Saved my Life.

So, Dog Listening isn't always good for dogs. It's not good for me if I nearly have a Very Nasty Accident with Monty the Mont while she's away Dog Listening with other dogs.

Anyway, here is a picture of Marmite's feet.

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