Saturday, May 23, 2015

No Camels in My Field

Here is a Picture of ME. 

Black working cocker spaniel on back of sofa
ME (Pickle in the way)

You can See My Foot. You can See My Tail. You can See My Nose.

Person Went to a Naughty Beagle Last Week. 

Even Naughtier than Pickle!

Beagle standing on coffee table drinking tea

Beagle likes Standing on the Table. Beagle likes Drinking his Person's Tea from his Person's Mug.

I am Pip of Arabia. Isn't Arabia where Nights come from. And Camels?

We get Nights in My Field.

Lurcher wrapped in duvet
I prefer Nights Under my Duvet. 

Anyway, I have Seen a Hedgehog in My Field. 

I have Never Seen a Camel in My Field though.