Thursday, November 24, 2011

Babydog Zara went to Play with her Brother Bertie and her Sister Holly.

Zara and Bertie and Holly played Chase for a Whole Hour.

Bertie is Much Bigger than Zara. Bertie is Black with a Black Nose.

Holly is a Little Bigger than Zara. Holly has a Black Nose.

Zara has a Black Nose.

I like Playing Chase. Person left me at Home.

Person can't take a Picture of me Chasing because I am TOO FAST.

I am Speedycleverdog Pip.

Here is Sillydog Milly in Naughtydog Pickle's Tiny Crate.

And here is Sleepydog Monty with me and Milly on our New Duvet Bed.

Anyway, soon Zara and Holly will have Brown Noses.

When I was Babydog Pip I had a Black Nose.

It is now a Brown Nose.

Person says it is an INTRUSIVE Nose, whatever that means.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My New Shamrock Collar

Babydog Zara has a Friend.

Babydog Zara's Friend is called Autumn.

Person is Helping Little Autumn's Persons to Bring Autumn Up Right.

When Babydog Zara came Home, she was Very Tired.

Babydog Zara is now Twenty Weeks Old.

Zara doesn't Pee in the house. Zara doesn't Poo in the House.

Babydog Zara is now the Same Size as Little Pickle.

She is a Good Dog (Person says).

Why didn't Person Bring Pickle Up Right, so he can be a Good Dog too?

Anyway, I have a New Wide Lurcher Collar.

My New Wide Lurcher Collar has Shamrocks on it.

Friday, November 04, 2011


Babydog Zara is a Mini-Me

But she will never be SKINNY like Me.

MY Mother was a Saluki.

Here we are having a SCRUM in the field.

Little Pickle has a Flower Pot.

I am Chasing Pickle. Milly is Chasing Pickle. Babydog Zara is Chasing Pickle.

Monty the Mont isn't Chasing Pickle. Monty is Watching.

Little Pickle is VERY FAST. Pickle DARTS ABOUT.

But Little Pickle is NOT as FAST as ME!

Chasing is Thirsty Work.

It is TIRING too.

Anyway, it seems our Clock is VERY FAST too.

Person says she must Put our Clock Back.

Back where?