Friday, November 04, 2011


Babydog Zara is a Mini-Me

But she will never be SKINNY like Me.

MY Mother was a Saluki.

Here we are having a SCRUM in the field.

Little Pickle has a Flower Pot.

I am Chasing Pickle. Milly is Chasing Pickle. Babydog Zara is Chasing Pickle.

Monty the Mont isn't Chasing Pickle. Monty is Watching.

Little Pickle is VERY FAST. Pickle DARTS ABOUT.

But Little Pickle is NOT as FAST as ME!

Chasing is Thirsty Work.

It is TIRING too.

Anyway, it seems our Clock is VERY FAST too.

Person says she must Put our Clock Back.

Back where?

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