Friday, October 14, 2011

The Nights are Drawing In

We now have a New Dog Den.

Our Old Dog Den was made of Wood. Person says our Old Dog Den was TATTY.

We don't Jump Up on our New Dog Den because it WOBBLES.

We have Peace and Quiet in our Dog Den, away from Little Pickle and away from Babydog Zara.

Here is Babydog Zara Six Weeks Ago.

And here is Babydog Zara NOW.

And here is Babydog Zara in her Bed with Little Pickle.

Pickle has stolen Babydog Zara's Chew.

Now Little Pickle doesn't PESTER ME, now Pickle doesn't PESTER Monty the Mont and now Pickle doesn't PESTER Milly.

Not so much.

Babydog Zara and Little Pickle PESTER one another.

All the time.

Anyway, the Nights are Drawing In, there was a Frost this Morning, and I have my Warm Comfy Bed, and Peace and Quiet...

In my New Dog Den.

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