Sunday, September 26, 2010

Today Little Pickle is 14 Weeks Old.

When Little Pickle is not Asleep, Little Pickle is UP TO SOMETHING.

Person says Keep Your Eye on Pickle, Pip. Person says Keep Your Eye on Pickle, Monty.

Keep One of My Eyes on Little Pickle? I don't thinks so!

Marmite Takes No Notice of Pickle.

Milly Plays with him. So do I. Sometimes.

Sometimes when Little Pickle RUNS VERY FAST I just have to CHASE him

Person calls me away. Today she gives me a Carrot.

Milly Teaches Pickle Tugging and Chasing and Digging Holes.

Little Pickle Jumps at Milly's Face.

Sometimes Milly GRUMBLES at him.

But Little Pickle Won't Stop. He goes on and on until Milly gets VERY CROSS.

Milly puts her Big Mouth around Pickle's Little Body and HOLDS HIM STILL.

Little Pickle Lies on his Back. Little Pickle WAITS.

Little Pickle is S O R R Y.

But as soon as Milly lets him go, Little Pickle is Jumping up at her Face again.

So Person calls Milly to her and gives her a Carrot.

And Person gives Little Pickle his Ball on a Rope.

Yesterday Person put Little Pickle in the Puppy Pen so he would Learn GOOD MANNERS while we are all Eating.


Anyway, Little Pickle's Blue Ball is now MY Blue Ball.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Little Pickle

This is Little Pickle.

Little Pickle is a Cocker Spaniel. He is Eleven Weeks Old.

Little Pickle WEES

Little Pickle POOS

He goes SCATTY

He TEARS UP Newspaper


He RACES around the Room

Then I Bark a SPECIAL BARK at him until he LIES DOWN.

Little Pickle understands my SPECIAL BARK.

Little Pickle understands that my Special Bark MEANS BUSINESS.

It means LIE DOWN and STOP.

Little Pickle loves Milly best.

Sometimes Little Pickle gets TOO MUCH for Milly.

So I keep barking my SPECIAL BARK until he leaves Milly alone and LIES DOWN.

Person says I am a Clever Boy keeping Little Pickle Under Control.

But Person also says I am TOO NOISY.

Anyway, Little Pickle Sometimes....