Sunday, August 24, 2008

Has anyone seen a Flying Play Tunnel heading east?

The other morning Person said what have you done with the Play Tunnel Pip? It was Windy. Our Play Tunnel had DISAPPEARED from our Field.

Anyway, here we are in Silly Milly's Crate.

A man called Mr.Baskerville came to see my Person last week. She is going to have Solar Panels up on the roof to make Hot Water. I prefer Cold Water.

Because My Person asked him to (because My Person is a Dog Behaviour Lady), Mr.Baskerville ignored Milly and she didn't Wuff and Huff at him. She wasn't scared of Mr.Baskerville.

Person said Mr.Baskerville should Understand Hounds (I'm a SIGHT Hound but I can't SEE our Play Tunnel).

Anyway, perhaps when Mr.Baskerville's Solar Panel men are on the roof making Hot Water they may be able to see my Play Tunnel a Long Long Way Away.

If some poor dogs a Long Long Way Away in Africa now have my Play Tunnel, I won't mind.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


Here we all are, shut Outside last Sunday. We were shut Outside because Person's Baby Grandchildren came.

There were six Big Persons and three Very Little Persons and Milly wasn't Barking. You can see that Milly was no longer scared.

Silly Milly is becoming Big and Brave. Person says I am becoming Sensible. That's because I am so busy playing with Milly and Teaching her THINGS, that I don't have to look for things to do any more.

When Person lets us into our Field first thing in the morning there are RABBITS there.

I FLY across the Field after the Rabbits, Milly CHARGES accross the Field, Monty the Mont RUNS accross the Field and Marmite Walks.

Then we sniff and sniff and we eat Rabbit Droppings. Person calls Rabbit Droppings Croutons.

Anyway, one day I shall CATCH a Rabbit. I'm not yet quite sure what I shall DO with it.