Saturday, December 04, 2010

Schnauzers and Spaniels

Here are Rosie and Rowly in their New Home!

Person came home smelling of SPANIEL again last week.

Max is a Cocker Spaniel. Max is much BIGGER than Little Pickle.

Just occasionally Max Gets CROSS.

Max' Persons and Max' Young Persons are learning to Understand Max.

Then Max won't need to Get CROSS any more.

And this is Molly.

Molly is Nine Months Old.

Molly is a WORRIED Dog.

Molly Runs Away from her He-Person.

He is Sad because he Loves Molly.

Molly's He-Person is learning to Understand Molly.

Yesterday Molly went and sat beside him. He stayed Very Still.

Anyway, Pickle is not a Worried Dog.


I sometimes GET CROSS with Little Pickle.

I am sometimes a WORRIED Dog.

I am WORRIED by Little Pickle. Monty the Mont is WORRIED by Little Pickle.

Here he comes again...

He JUMPS all over us. He JUMPS at our faces.

Person should learn to Understood ME. She would then learn I like Meaty Bones.

Anyway, here is Funny Bella in the SNOW.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Puppies

This week Person went to help TWO Puppies.


This is Conker.

Conker is Sixteen Weeks Old.

Conker is a Labradoodle and Conker is SCARED.

Conker is Scared of PERSONS. Conker is Scared of SUDDEN.

And this is Bella.

Bella is Five Months Old.

Bella is a mix of Beardie and German Shepherd, and Bella is Scared of....


And this is Little Pickle.

Little Pickle Wrecks Tennis Balls.

Little Pickle is sometimes Scared of ME when I am Very Cross with him.

He lies on his back. Wriggles. Waggy Waggy Tail. Whimpers.

But still Little Pickle Doesn't Learn.

Little Pickle Doesn't Know when ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

ONE Puppy is Quite Enough for ME. ONE Puppy is Quite Enough for Milly, And for Monty the Mont. And One Puppy is Quite Enough for Poor Marmite.

Anyway, Plumber Person came Last Week.

We watched him Drain the System.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Here is Daze who wrote to me on my Blog.

Daze can't write to me any more. She had a long happy life.

And here is Marmite. Marmite eats lots of PILLS. Marmite feels a Little Better for now.

Marmite's Heart goes Flutter Flutter Beat Flutter. (My Heart goes Beat Beat Beat Beat).

Person says Silly Milly is a FLOOZY.

Milly is in Season. Autumn. (It was Spring last time).

I am Tired. Monty the Mont is Tired.

I Try and I Try to DO IT. Monty the Mont Tries and he Tries to DO IT.

But we can't DO IT because we have BEEN DONE.

(Little Pickle Jumps About and Gets in the Way).

Marmite is not a FLOOZY. Marmite has BEEN DONE too.

Here is Marmite with Me, Monty, Milly, Pip, Pickle and Person.

(Little Pickle won't get his little Treat while he is Jumping Up).

Anyway, I hope Little Pickle is DONE when he gets bigger.

Person says if Little Pickle is NOT DONE and if Little Pickle DOES IT with Milly they will make Baby Dogs.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Poor Marmite.

Marmite doesn't feel well.

Poor Marmite CRIES. Poor Marmite WON'T EAT.

Marmite has been to the Vet.

The Vet put a Big Pink Pill Right Down her Throat.

Person tried putting a Big Pink Pill Right Down Marmite's throat.

Marmite SPAT it Out.

Tomorrow Poor Marmite goes to the Vet again.

Person must take a Urine Sample. Difficult, she says.

Me, I leave Urine Samples all over the place. So does Monty the Mont.

When Little Pickle does a Tiddle Tiddle Urine Sample Person gives him a Treat!

Little Pickle DUG a HOLE in his Soft Bed.

Now Pickle has a Tough Plastic Bed.

Little Pickle keeps his RUBBISH and TOYS in his bed.

Sometimes Little Pickle Cuddles up to Person.

Milly as taught Little Pickle how to use the Dog Flap.

Anyway, why doesn't Person give ME a Treat when I do a Urine Sample?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Today Little Pickle is 14 Weeks Old.

When Little Pickle is not Asleep, Little Pickle is UP TO SOMETHING.

Person says Keep Your Eye on Pickle, Pip. Person says Keep Your Eye on Pickle, Monty.

Keep One of My Eyes on Little Pickle? I don't thinks so!

Marmite Takes No Notice of Pickle.

Milly Plays with him. So do I. Sometimes.

Sometimes when Little Pickle RUNS VERY FAST I just have to CHASE him

Person calls me away. Today she gives me a Carrot.

Milly Teaches Pickle Tugging and Chasing and Digging Holes.

Little Pickle Jumps at Milly's Face.

Sometimes Milly GRUMBLES at him.

But Little Pickle Won't Stop. He goes on and on until Milly gets VERY CROSS.

Milly puts her Big Mouth around Pickle's Little Body and HOLDS HIM STILL.

Little Pickle Lies on his Back. Little Pickle WAITS.

Little Pickle is S O R R Y.

But as soon as Milly lets him go, Little Pickle is Jumping up at her Face again.

So Person calls Milly to her and gives her a Carrot.

And Person gives Little Pickle his Ball on a Rope.

Yesterday Person put Little Pickle in the Puppy Pen so he would Learn GOOD MANNERS while we are all Eating.


Anyway, Little Pickle's Blue Ball is now MY Blue Ball.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Little Pickle

This is Little Pickle.

Little Pickle is a Cocker Spaniel. He is Eleven Weeks Old.

Little Pickle WEES

Little Pickle POOS

He goes SCATTY

He TEARS UP Newspaper


He RACES around the Room

Then I Bark a SPECIAL BARK at him until he LIES DOWN.

Little Pickle understands my SPECIAL BARK.

Little Pickle understands that my Special Bark MEANS BUSINESS.

It means LIE DOWN and STOP.

Little Pickle loves Milly best.

Sometimes Little Pickle gets TOO MUCH for Milly.

So I keep barking my SPECIAL BARK until he leaves Milly alone and LIES DOWN.

Person says I am a Clever Boy keeping Little Pickle Under Control.

But Person also says I am TOO NOISY.

Anyway, Little Pickle Sometimes....


Friday, August 20, 2010

Tails (and Ears)

This isn't me. It's BELLA!

Bella looks Very Much Like ME!

Bella has Beagle in her so she has Beagle Ears.

I have Whippet in me so I have Whippet Legs.

And this is Quinlan.

Quinlan is an Irish Water Spaniel.

Quinlan is just Eleven Weeks Old. He has a Curly Coat, Long Ears and Big Fluffy Feet.

Most of the time Quinlan is Very Very Good.

Occasionally he is a little bit Naughty.

But that's because he is Just a Puppy.

Quinlan has a Thin Inquisitive Pointy Tail.

I have a Thin Tail too.

My Tail is a Thin and Curly I Need to Know All That is Going On Tail.

A Question Mark Tail.

Monty the Mont has a Slightly Worried I Hope Everything is OK Tail.

Marmite's Tail is an I'm Busy Doing My Own Thing in My Own World Tail.

Milly has a Foxy Chase Me Play With Me What is that Noise Tail.

Persons might think that a Wagging Tail always means Friendly and Happy.

Persons might think that a Wagging Tail means Touch Me.


Sometimes a Wagging Tail means KEEP AWAY!

Anyway, I have a Sensible Relaxed Serene Straight Tail when I'm Asleep.

But only when I'm Asleep.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Panic Attacks

The other day Person went to see Amber.

Amber had been LOST.

She was All By Herself.

Then she was in a Kennel. In a Small Dark Kennel with barking dogs all around her.


Now Amber has a New Home.

But Amber has Panic Attacks.

Amber has a Panic Attack when the Phone RINGS. She has a Panic Attack when the Printer PRINTS. She has a Panic Attack when the vacuum cleaner VACUUMS. She has a Panic Attack when the Doorbell RINGS.

Amber has a Panic Attack at any SUDDEN SOUND.

Anyway, the Rat Man came yesterday.

I would like to give a RAT a Panic Attack.

I can curl up into a Ball.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Here is Tina from Costa Rica!

Tina Writes me Messages in my Blog.

Person does Writing for me.

Me - I do Sniffing not Writing.

I don't need Person to do Sniffing for me. Person says she has the Wrong Kind Of Nose.

Person went to see Uncle George.

Uncle George is a Wire Haired Dachsund.

Uncle George Fixates on Shadows and Lights.

I don't Fixate on Shadows and Lights.

I Fixate on GREY RATS.

I have the Right Kind Of Nose for Sniffing where Grey Rats go.

I am Very Patient. I am Very Still. I Hide.


Anyway, Milly caught a Grey Rat yesterday. Milly gave it to Marmite. Marmite Gave it to Person.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Powder Puffy

I Smell a Rat. Grey Rat Wriggles Under the fence.

Grey Rat Quivers and Sniffs in the Honeysuckle Bush.


Anyway, last week Person went to see Maisie.

Person says Maisie is a Powder Puff.

A Powder Puff?

Maisie has been living with Lily and Tina for One Week.

Maisie's Hair is Shaven Short because it was Matted and Dirty.

Maisie is no longer Powder Puffy.

I'm not Powder Puffy either.

Here is Lily. Lily is Timid.

And here is Tina.

Tina is NOT Timid.

I am not Timid, and nor is that Grey Rat.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Deaf dalmation

Molly is Deaf.

Molly is SPOTTY. Molly is just eleven months old.

Molly's First Persons went on Holiday.

When they came back, they just LEFT HER at the Kennels.

My Person has helped to find NEW PERSONS for Molly.

Three weeks ago Molly's New Persons were Very Very Sad Persons because their other Spotty Dalmation called Nelson was gone forever.

Now they are Very Very Happy Persons.

And here is Molly in her New Home.

Now Molly is a Very Very Happy Spotty dog.

News Flash. Molly is finding her feet. She has Raided the Larder.

Person went to see Beardie Ellie last week.

Here Ellie's She Person wants to sit back down in her seat.

Oh YES? Are you KIDDING?

Anyway, Person would never Leave ME in kennels when she came home from Holiday. Nor Monty the Mont, nor Marmite, nor Milly.

But she does Leave Me in my Dog Den during the day. And my Garden. And my Field.

With Monty the Mont. With Marmite. And with Silly Milly.

I can nearly squeeeeeeeeeeze out of my Dog Den.

That is because I am VERY SKINNY.