Friday, August 20, 2010

Tails (and Ears)

This isn't me. It's BELLA!

Bella looks Very Much Like ME!

Bella has Beagle in her so she has Beagle Ears.

I have Whippet in me so I have Whippet Legs.

And this is Quinlan.

Quinlan is an Irish Water Spaniel.

Quinlan is just Eleven Weeks Old. He has a Curly Coat, Long Ears and Big Fluffy Feet.

Most of the time Quinlan is Very Very Good.

Occasionally he is a little bit Naughty.

But that's because he is Just a Puppy.

Quinlan has a Thin Inquisitive Pointy Tail.

I have a Thin Tail too.

My Tail is a Thin and Curly I Need to Know All That is Going On Tail.

A Question Mark Tail.

Monty the Mont has a Slightly Worried I Hope Everything is OK Tail.

Marmite's Tail is an I'm Busy Doing My Own Thing in My Own World Tail.

Milly has a Foxy Chase Me Play With Me What is that Noise Tail.

Persons might think that a Wagging Tail always means Friendly and Happy.

Persons might think that a Wagging Tail means Touch Me.


Sometimes a Wagging Tail means KEEP AWAY!

Anyway, I have a Sensible Relaxed Serene Straight Tail when I'm Asleep.

But only when I'm Asleep.

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  1. Anonymous8:10 pm

    Did you know that when Quinlan grows up he will be covered in curls but his tail will still be thin with just a few curls at the top? This is the story of why he will look like that. (You might have to ask your Person what some of the big words mean but this is the way old stories are told)
    Long, long ago in the 5th century in Ireland, Saint Patrick who was then just a poor missionary, was travelling around ridding Ireland of snakes. He was given lodging for the night by a fisherman whose liver coloured dog was particularly adept at catching fish. Because the dog had grown out of his puppy coat, however, his tail was too profusely covered with curly hair and was hampering him in his speciality.
    Saint Patrick said nothing and was well on his way before the fisherman rose the following morning. Going out into the yard that day, the fisherman was surprised to notice that a great change had come over his dog. His tail was no longer bushy, but was covered with short, smooth hair for most of its length so it looked like a rats tail. The fisherman then saw that the dog’s head was covered with a luxurious curly topknot made up from the hair taken off the tail.
    What a good example of 5th century recycling!!