Sunday, April 19, 2015

Very Strange Things

Two Very Strange Things Happened. 

After Breakfast it was Night Time. No Birds.

Then Milly Was Bitten by an Invisible Animal.

Milly was Under the Willow Tree.

German Shepherd has mystery wound

Quickly I Ran to Milly. Pickle Ran to Milly. Zara Ran to Milly. 

If it was a Fox I would Catch it. If it was a Rat, Pickle would Catch it. If it was a Weasel, Pickle would Catch it. (Zara doesn't Catch Animals).

But there was Nothing for us to Chase.

Very Strange.

So I Went Back to what I Was Doing. Eating Grass.

dog eating grass
Me eating grass

Anyway, here Pickle isn't Pickling which is Another Strange Thing. He is Lying Quietly with Milly and Zara.

Me, I have the Other Sofa All To Myself.