Thursday, March 12, 2015

Chickens and an Egg

Person went on a Chicken Camp. To Help her to Clicker Train Dogs, she says.

Camp? Chicken? Clicker? Dogs?

Chicken Train ME?

To do WHAT?

I don't Eat Chicken Food (I Eat CHICKEN). I Don't Peck either.

I don't need to be Chicken Trained. Person just has to Ask me Nicely and I will Sit for her anytime.

Person's Chicken Laid an Egg.

Egg laid by chicken camp chicken

Our Sarah has Written a Book.

Sarah's Book Smells New and Printy and Papery.

Dog lying besidce Sarah Hyndman's book
Me with our Sarah's book

Anyway, here is Person with Other Persons Holding Chickens.

Theo Stewart holding her chicken
Person with her clicker chicken