Thursday, December 15, 2016

Dog in a Manger

A Person called Baby Jesus was born Two Thousand and Sixteen Years Ago. 

In a Manger.

I was Born nearly Twelve Years Ago.

In Rescue Kennels.

Person calls me Lazy Boy.

Pickle has a Blue Ball.

Zara has a Blue Ball.

Milly has Two Blue Balls. 

I'm a Sight Hound. 

I can Tell the Difference Between a Ball and a Rabbit. 

I can Tell the Difference between a Ball and a Pigeon. And a CAT.

I'm Not a Lazy Boy when I See a Pigeon.

Anyway, Pickle Says Why are you Pointing That Thing at me?

When are we Going Out? 

Milly Tries to Pick Up All Three Balls. 

Person says Milly is a Dog in the Manger.

Marmite had Mange when she was A Puppy.

Marmite was our Chocolate Labrador. Marmite Died Five Years Ago.