Thursday, December 15, 2016

Dog in a Manger

A Person called Baby Jesus was born Two Thousand and Sixteen Years Ago. 

In a Manger.

I was Born nearly Twelve Years Ago.

In Rescue Kennels.

Person calls me Lazy Boy.

Pickle has a Blue Ball.

Zara has a Blue Ball.

Milly has Two Blue Balls. 

I'm a Sight Hound. 

I can Tell the Difference Between a Ball and a Rabbit. 

I can Tell the Difference between a Ball and a Pigeon. And a CAT.

I'm Not a Lazy Boy when I See a Pigeon.

Anyway, Pickle Says Why are you Pointing That Thing at me?

When are we Going Out? 

Milly Tries to Pick Up All Three Balls. 

Person says Milly is a Dog in the Manger.

Marmite had Mange when she was A Puppy.

Marmite was our Chocolate Labrador. Marmite Died Five Years Ago.


  1. Anonymous12:48 pm

    Hi Pip - Merry Christmas! Will Santa bring you something this year? I have been a very good boy, so I am sure there will be something lovely in my stocking on Christmas morning.

    Persons had a Chocolate Labrador called Rose before I came to live with them. When Rose died eight years ago they were very sad for a long time, even with Kate and Maggie. That's why I came to live here. Persons say that I am the life of the party. We had snow last week, but it is gone now. Doyle

  2. Hi Doyle, I want Santa to bring me some Peace from Pickle. I am getting too old for all this Spanieling but I'm sure I would love you if you could Astral Travel and come and see me.

    I hope you and your Persons have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year (not sure what a Year is. Can you eat it?).

  3. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Hi Pip,
    Dudley has come up with a limp. This happens sometimes. Yesterday in the woods we were chasing deer. Dudley is like you, he saw the deer and gave chase. I chase too, but person says my heart isn't in it. You would like to run in our woods. Dudley will be better soon. He will rest today and persons have given him special pills. Dudley will be 12 in March. It is very cold here now, but not much snow. Doyle

  4. I have come up with a limp too. I am 12 in May! Some days I limp and some days I am fine. Person will take me to the vet if I don't stop limping. I didn't get it chasing a deer though we sometimes have a little Muntjack deer in my field. Happy New Year to you, to Dudley and to you Persons x