Saturday, October 29, 2016

Who (or What) is WEEN?

Hallo Pickle-the-Black-Cat!

Hallo Milly-the Witch!

Hallo Zara-the-Treat!

HALLO Pip-the-Trick!

Who Is WEEN?

Hallo Luke Person with Little-Dexy.

Hello Person!

Watch out for Scary-Ween.

Anyway, Who IS Ween?


  1. Faie says its Howl and wee night :) BOL

  2. Faie should know

  3. Anonymous11:42 am

    This is the night to rush to the front door and bark at all the trick or treaters. Persons will then put up the gate and Dudley and I won't be able to get up close. We forget how to be good boys on Halloween. We would like to smell all the children and see what treats they have in their bags. It is very exciting. Doyle