Saturday, September 17, 2016

Balls. Lots of Balls.

Person brought home a Bag Of Balls.

LOTS of Balls.

Pickle Digs in the Water with the Balls in it.

Pickle Scatters the Balls All Over the Garden.

Milly Puts the Balls Back into the Water.

Zara is Scared of Water. Zara was Very Brave. Zara Stepped in the Water and got out a Yellow Ball.

There aren't many Balls in the Water anymore.

Pickle brings Balls into the house. Pickle Chews Balls. Pickle Chews Bits off them.

I keep Well Away from the Water. I keep Well Away from the Balls. I try to keep Well Away from Pickle.

Anyway, Milly is In Season.


Milly is In Autumn this time.

Person is Keeping me Well Away from Milly.

She says Keeping me Well Away from Milly protects my Joints.

(Keeping me Well Away from Pickle would protect my Brain).

I would rather Hump Milly than Play with Balls.

(Zara is hijacking MY photo).


  1. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Hi Pip,
    I love balls and I have a lot of them. Persons take them away when I start to tear them up. Dudley doesn't care about balls. All he likes to do is hunt. I have been busy. Saturday I went to the groomer for my last sport cut of the year. I will have to be woolly in the winter to stay warm. It has been hot here, but will finally cool down this week. Yesterday in the woods, I found a dead squirrel. It was wonderful, but person took it away. He thought it was smelly but it didn't bother me. Persons were both glad I didn't puke in the night because they thought I might have eaten some of it. Doyle

  2. You have a lovely life Doyle and you live in a wonderful place. I have never had a haircut but Person brushes me every day. She says I am getting lazy but I can still run FAST if I want to. It's just I don't often want to. I might run fast after a live squirrel. I'm not interested n dead animals only running animals because I'm a Sight Hound Hunter. Bye bye for now.

  3. Anonymous12:44 pm

    Pip - This is a test. I sent you a message twice yesterday but it just disappeared when person tried to send it. Doyle

  4. I have recieved this test message Doyle xx

  5. Anonymous12:48 pm

    Pip - I wanted to tell you about the live squirrel I caught in the woods on Friday. You see I am very fast too. I ate part of it before the man person took it away, and then I threw up. Dudley hunts all the time, but he never catches anything. He likes to chase the deer when we see them. Tuesday I went to the vet for a checkup. Our vet, is one of my favorite persons, even though she gave me a shot. We call her Aunt Joanne, but she is not really my aunt. She likes me too. She gives me lots of lovely chewy soft treats. She tells persons that I crack her up, but I do not see any cracks on her. Your friend from Ohio, Doyle

  6. That was a stupid squirrel Doyle. Squirrels can climb up trees, you can't. I can't climb trees either. Tell person that we eat it fast then throw up so we can eat it more slowly later. I like to hunt Pickle when he runs. Person calls it my Prey Drive which is odd because I know that god is only a story so why would i want to pray? Bye bye my friend from Ohio from your friend in England.