Wednesday, August 17, 2016

When the Sun Goes Down

Person says to me You Are Getting Old. 

Person doesn't like someone to say You Are Getting Old to her.

I won't play Ball with Person. 

I Lie Around a lot.

Son-Person has come to Live With Us for a while.

I will Play Ball with Son-Person though. He takes me out By Myself. 

I Like being taken out By Myself.

It is HOT.

Why does Little Pickle DIG and Dig and Dig in the Paddling Pool Water?

He's Wet.

Me, I keep away from Water.

Milly Likes a Small Den where it'e Cool. Under Person's Desk.

Pickle and Zara like a Small Den where it's Cool.

Anyway, Person went to a Dog Show and was Kissed by a HUGE Dog called a BoerBoel.

A Boerboel comes from South Africa. It's Hot in South Africa too.

I hope Son-Person will take me into the Field By Myself. 

I hope Son-Person will Play Ball with me again when the Sun Goes Down.

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