Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lumps and Bumps

I have A Lump.

Charles The Vet says he will Take My Lump Away before it grows into a Big Lump.

Take it Away?

Anyway, it has been Hot. Pickle Rolls in Water. (I Don't Like Wet). 

Pickle Plays Ball when it's Hot .  Zara Plays Ball when it's Hot. 

I am Ten Years Old now. 

I like Lying in the Shade.

Zara Sometimes Goes Mad and Chases Pickle Around the Sitting Room.

I Bark.

Milly Watches.

Person Shuts Pickle in his Crate.

Person Shuts Zara Behind the Dog Den.

Zara hasn't Got a Lump like Mine. Zara is only just Four Years Old. 

Person says Zara is Too Young for Lumps and Bumps.

Perhaps the Vet, when he Takes my Lump Away, can Take Pickle Away too?