Monday, January 19, 2015

Do Goats Chase Balls?

Am I a Sheep? Am I a Goat? What's a Goat?

Do I Smell like a Goat?
Labrador sniffing lurcher on sofa
Zara and Me

Do Goats HOWL?

When I HOWL Milly Howls, Pickle Howls and even Quiet Zara Howls.

Cocker Spaniel with ball

Anyway, Little Pickle has a New Blue Ball. 

He Teases Zara. 'You Can't Have My Ball'.

Zara Chases Pickle. Milly doesn't Chase Pickle.

German Shepherd
Person says 'No Chasing in the Sitting Room!' LOUDLY.

Then Zara has to go in the Dog Den for a while to Calm Down.

Golden Labrador

I wonder whether Goats Chase Balls.