Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Dog in a Manger

Baby Jesus was Born in a Manger. 

I was Born in Rescue Kennels. Little Pickle was Born in Gun Dog Kennels.

Little Pickle is only quiet when He Lays Down His Head.  

Person thinks he has a Sweet Head. I DON'T! Nor does Monty the Mont.

Baby Jesus received Gold and Frankinsense and Myrrh.

Little Pickle Collects our Bones, Stagbars and Balls. 

He Flaunts them. 


Anyway, Monty the Mont is Eating Slowly. Usually Monty WOLFS his food down.

Monty the Mont will be NINE YEARS OLD tomorrow.

Person will take Monty to see Charles the Vet on his Birthday to find out why he's Eating Slowly. 

I Eat Slowly. 

I Eat Slowly so that Monty, Milly, Pickle and Zara Watch me. 

I Chew each piece. Crunch Crunch Crunch.

Monty, Milly, Pickle and especially Zara DROOOOOL. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Who's sitting in MY chair?

Pickle in MY CHAIR!

Monty the Mont is asking Little Pickle to Play. Why would Monty want to Play with Pickle, I wonder?

Pickle doesn't Play Properly.

Little Pickle just Runs About Wagging his Tail and Pickling.

Person went to see French Bulldog Enzo. Enzo BOWS, but it's not a Play Bow.

Enzo is Mixed Up, Person says. 

Mixed up with What?

I'm not Mixed Up with anything. I'm just a Pip.

Anyway, Pickle Jumped off to Steal Zara's Stagbar, so I got MY CHAIR back.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Picking Blackberries

Here I am, picking Blackberries. Zara, Monty the Mont and Milly are Picking Blackberries.

Little Pickle isn't Picking Blackberries. 

Pickle is Pickling. 

Anyway, I had a Nasty SHOCK. Person brought home another New Dog.

A Boxer Dog. Her name is Daisy.

Daisy Dog is a Stooge Dog for Person's Owner Training.

Stooge Dog? 

Why can't I be Persons' Stooge Dog?

I could Play Catch Me If You Can if I was Person's Stooge Dog.

Anyway, Daisy Dog doesn't Run. Daisy Dog doesn't Eat Blackberries.

Diasy Dog is BORING. 

I'm NOT boring.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I can TWEET!


I'm not a Canary. Nor a Blackbird. Nor a Parrot. Nor an Owl. I'm not a Bird at all. But I can Still Tweet.

Someone Tweeted 'Dog Particle Explained'.

I Tweeted 'Oh Good'.

More and More People are Following Me. I like this.

It Helps to Keep Me IN FRONT.

Monty the Mont can't Tweet. Neither can Milly. Neither can Zara.

Little Pickle Certainly Can't Tweet. He Can HOOOOWL.

Pickle Howls with the Vacuum Cleaner.

Person shuts him in his Crate.

Anyway, here I am Social Networking with Monty, Zara - and even Little Pickle...for now.

And here I am Social Networking with Milly and the Dog Down the Road.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

One Nice Day then More Rain

We had a SUNNY Day!

Little Pickle and Zara played with Little GrandSonPerson Eddie.

Person sat down with Milly. Person held her Lead.

Little Persons Move SUDDENLY. Little Persons RUN. Little Persons make NOISE.

Milly can be Scared of Little Persons.

Person always Keeps Little Persons Safe. Person always Keeps Milly Safe.

Milly Watched. Milly was Happy just Watching.

I Like Little GrandSonPerson Eddie.
Monty the Mont Likes Little GrandSonPerson Eddie.

He Smells of Little Boys.
We Sniff him and then we take little notice of him.

Little Pickle and Zara Follow Him About.

And then it Started to Rain Again - Rain Rain Rain.

Zara likes the Rain. Person took this picture of a Wet Zara.

You can see ME behind her. I am on my Important Chair.

Rain doesn't stop Little Pickle from Pickling.

I don't like Rain. I stay Indoors if I can. Monty the Mont stays indoors if he can.

Milly likes ACTION. Milly Likes Rain.

Anyway, here is Milly SMILING

I can't Smile. I have tried.

Sunday, May 06, 2012


Person wanted to Catch a Photo of Pickle, but Pickle Never Stops Pickling.

He Jumps Off the Bench.

He Runs Down the Bank.

He Runs Off with a Red Ball.

Tail Wag Wag Wag Wag.

Pickle Pickles Off into the Distance.

Every Day has been RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN.

Then One Day SUNSHINE.

So, Person Cut the Grass.

I Like to Eat Cut Grass. Monty the Mont likes to Eat Cut Grass. So does Milly.

Anyway, the Rain made our Feet Dirty.

Our Feet made our Bed Dirty.

So here is our New Dog Den Duvet Bed.

And here is Milly, SMILING

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Yesterday I found a Twig on the Carpet.

Zara left the Twig on the Carpet.

Zara pulls Twigs off Trees. She pulls Twigs off Bushes.

Zara Brings Twigs indoors. Zara Chews Twigs.

I don't Chew Twigs. I don't Bring Twigs Indoors.

I am a Good Dog.

Then Little Pickle Takes Zara's Twig. Then Zara gets her Twig back again.

Pickle and Zara make Lots of NOISE.

I Threw Zara's Twig into the Air.

Again and Again.

Person said Pip you have Gone Silly.

Anyway, Zara can't pull Twigs off our new Clematis which is growing up the Dead Wysteria.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Hunting Game

Little Pickle Runs About Waggy Waggy Tail and Sniff Sniff Sniff. Very Fast.

Zara Chases Pickle. Pickle doesn't want to be Chased. Pickle Doesn't want to Play.

Pickle just wants to Sniff.

Then I Chase Little Pickle. Because he is Running.

Then Milly Jumps on Zara who is Chasing Pickle. I Jump on Milly who is Jumping on Zara.

Pickle still just wants to Sniff.

Pickle Gets CROSS.

Person says I HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

Person threw Dry Food All Over the Garden.


We ALL Sniffed and Found Food.

It took a Long Long time.
I got Tired, Monty the Mont got Tired. Milly got Tired. Even Little Pickle and Zara got Tired.

Anyway, I like Quietly to Watch the World Go By with Monty the Mont,

Without Little Pickle Running About Waggy Waggy Tail and Sniff Sniff Sniff. Very Fast.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Sniffing and ........

Person keeps saying Oh Pip do Stop Doing That.

But Why?

She says Pip You Have Been DONE.

WHO has been in my Field during the Night?

Could it be a Rat?

Could it be a Mouse?

Could it be a Rabbit?

Could it be a CAT?

Little Pickle Loves SNIFFING. Little Pickle Runs About SNIFFING all the time.

I Prefer WATCHING. I am a Sight Hound LOOKING (Pickle is Sniffing).

Zara, when she is not Chasing Pickle as he Runs About SNIFFING, likes to Quietly...


and THINK.
Person says Zara Come. Zara STANDS. Zara WATCHES. Zara THINKS.

Then Zara COMES. Quite Slowly.

Anyway, why do PIGEONS Fly?

I have Little Animals in my Field that I Can't Catch, and I have Pigeons in the Sky that I Can't Catch.

But I CAN catch Little Pickle.

Anyway, it may be Milly's Season, but SPRING is MY Season too.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Relaxed Pip


Milly, Little Pickle and Zara LOVE Snow.

They Go WILD. They CHASE. They ROLL About. They DIG.

I prefer to Eat Berries off the Hawthorn Tree.

(Hawthorn Berries are Good for Dogs' Hearts).

Milly, Little Pickle and Zara find Hawthorn Berries in the Snow.

Here Little Pickle and Zara are Waiting to Go Outside. They want to Go WILD in the Snow.

They are Being Good and Patient. Even Pickle.

Anyway, Snow is COLD.

Snow is WET.

I Don't Like COLD. I don't Like WET.

Lying on my Bed is Good For My Heart.

Monday, January 02, 2012

New Year

LinkI am Lord Pip.

What is this Happy New Year anyway?

Monty the Mont had an Ear Infection recently. Person put Smelly Powder in Monty's Ear.

Babydog Zara Licked the Smelly Powder.

Monty the Mont didn't have a Happy New Ear. He didn't have a New Ear at all.

He is Happy with his Old Ear.

Zara's Rottie Friend Kobi has Gone Away to live Somewhere Else.

Babydog Zara still has Little Pickle to Play with

Anyway, I love Monty the Mont and Milly best.

So long as they Do What I Tell Them.

Does a Sea Horse have Ears?