Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I can TWEET!


I'm not a Canary. Nor a Blackbird. Nor a Parrot. Nor an Owl. I'm not a Bird at all. But I can Still Tweet.

Someone Tweeted 'Dog Particle Explained'.

I Tweeted 'Oh Good'.

More and More People are Following Me. I like this.

It Helps to Keep Me IN FRONT.

Monty the Mont can't Tweet. Neither can Milly. Neither can Zara.

Little Pickle Certainly Can't Tweet. He Can HOOOOWL.

Pickle Howls with the Vacuum Cleaner.

Person shuts him in his Crate.

Anyway, here I am Social Networking with Monty, Zara - and even Little Pickle...for now.

And here I am Social Networking with Milly and the Dog Down the Road.

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