Saturday, June 09, 2012

One Nice Day then More Rain

We had a SUNNY Day!

Little Pickle and Zara played with Little GrandSonPerson Eddie.

Person sat down with Milly. Person held her Lead.

Little Persons Move SUDDENLY. Little Persons RUN. Little Persons make NOISE.

Milly can be Scared of Little Persons.

Person always Keeps Little Persons Safe. Person always Keeps Milly Safe.

Milly Watched. Milly was Happy just Watching.

I Like Little GrandSonPerson Eddie.
Monty the Mont Likes Little GrandSonPerson Eddie.

He Smells of Little Boys.
We Sniff him and then we take little notice of him.

Little Pickle and Zara Follow Him About.

And then it Started to Rain Again - Rain Rain Rain.

Zara likes the Rain. Person took this picture of a Wet Zara.

You can see ME behind her. I am on my Important Chair.

Rain doesn't stop Little Pickle from Pickling.

I don't like Rain. I stay Indoors if I can. Monty the Mont stays indoors if he can.

Milly likes ACTION. Milly Likes Rain.

Anyway, here is Milly SMILING

I can't Smile. I have tried.

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