Saturday, September 17, 2016

Balls. Lots of Balls.

Person brought home a Bag Of Balls.

LOTS of Balls.

Pickle Digs in the Water with the Balls in it.

Pickle Scatters the Balls All Over the Garden.

Milly Puts the Balls Back into the Water.

Zara is Scared of Water. Zara was Very Brave. Zara Stepped in the Water and got out a Yellow Ball.

There aren't many Balls in the Water anymore.

Pickle brings Balls into the house. Pickle Chews Balls. Pickle Chews Bits off them.

I keep Well Away from the Water. I keep Well Away from the Balls. I try to keep Well Away from Pickle.

Anyway, Milly is In Season.


Milly is In Autumn this time.

Person is Keeping me Well Away from Milly.

She says Keeping me Well Away from Milly protects my Joints.

(Keeping me Well Away from Pickle would protect my Brain).

I would rather Hump Milly than Play with Balls.

(Zara is hijacking MY photo).