Thursday, November 24, 2011

Babydog Zara went to Play with her Brother Bertie and her Sister Holly.

Zara and Bertie and Holly played Chase for a Whole Hour.

Bertie is Much Bigger than Zara. Bertie is Black with a Black Nose.

Holly is a Little Bigger than Zara. Holly has a Black Nose.

Zara has a Black Nose.

I like Playing Chase. Person left me at Home.

Person can't take a Picture of me Chasing because I am TOO FAST.

I am Speedycleverdog Pip.

Here is Sillydog Milly in Naughtydog Pickle's Tiny Crate.

And here is Sleepydog Monty with me and Milly on our New Duvet Bed.

Anyway, soon Zara and Holly will have Brown Noses.

When I was Babydog Pip I had a Black Nose.

It is now a Brown Nose.

Person says it is an INTRUSIVE Nose, whatever that means.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My New Shamrock Collar

Babydog Zara has a Friend.

Babydog Zara's Friend is called Autumn.

Person is Helping Little Autumn's Persons to Bring Autumn Up Right.

When Babydog Zara came Home, she was Very Tired.

Babydog Zara is now Twenty Weeks Old.

Zara doesn't Pee in the house. Zara doesn't Poo in the House.

Babydog Zara is now the Same Size as Little Pickle.

She is a Good Dog (Person says).

Why didn't Person Bring Pickle Up Right, so he can be a Good Dog too?

Anyway, I have a New Wide Lurcher Collar.

My New Wide Lurcher Collar has Shamrocks on it.

Friday, November 04, 2011


Babydog Zara is a Mini-Me

But she will never be SKINNY like Me.

MY Mother was a Saluki.

Here we are having a SCRUM in the field.

Little Pickle has a Flower Pot.

I am Chasing Pickle. Milly is Chasing Pickle. Babydog Zara is Chasing Pickle.

Monty the Mont isn't Chasing Pickle. Monty is Watching.

Little Pickle is VERY FAST. Pickle DARTS ABOUT.

But Little Pickle is NOT as FAST as ME!

Chasing is Thirsty Work.

It is TIRING too.

Anyway, it seems our Clock is VERY FAST too.

Person says she must Put our Clock Back.

Back where?

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Nights are Drawing In

We now have a New Dog Den.

Our Old Dog Den was made of Wood. Person says our Old Dog Den was TATTY.

We don't Jump Up on our New Dog Den because it WOBBLES.

We have Peace and Quiet in our Dog Den, away from Little Pickle and away from Babydog Zara.

Here is Babydog Zara Six Weeks Ago.

And here is Babydog Zara NOW.

And here is Babydog Zara in her Bed with Little Pickle.

Pickle has stolen Babydog Zara's Chew.

Now Little Pickle doesn't PESTER ME, now Pickle doesn't PESTER Monty the Mont and now Pickle doesn't PESTER Milly.

Not so much.

Babydog Zara and Little Pickle PESTER one another.

All the time.

Anyway, the Nights are Drawing In, there was a Frost this Morning, and I have my Warm Comfy Bed, and Peace and Quiet...

In my New Dog Den.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dog Show at the Pub

Babydog Zara Won a Red Rosette for Being A Best Puppy.

I didn't Win a Rosette for Being A Best Pip.

That's because Person Left ME at Home, with Monty the Mont, Milly and Little Pickle.

Little Pickle could have Won A Best Annoying Cocker Spaniel Rosette.

Afterwards Babydog Zara Slept beside Person while Elvis Sang.

When Babydog Zara came Home she was Very Very Tired.

If I had been there Elvis could have sung Hound Dog.

Here is Babydog Zara with Rosie and Rowly.

Rosie and Rowly Won Two Best Dog Prizes each.
Anyway, who wants to Listen to Elvis?

Friday, September 09, 2011

Outside in the Dark

This is ME. I am Outside in the Dark.

With ME Outside in the Dark is Monty the Mont, Milly, Little Pickle and Baby Zara.

I think I Like Baby Zara.

Baby Zara is now Eleven Weeks Old.

Zara DIGS. I used to DIG too.
Person has given Zara a Special DIGGING HOLE. When all the Earth is Gone, Person fills it up again.

Zara likes to Play with Milly's Tail.

Zara likes to Lick Milly's Face.

Anyway, this is ME this morning, sitting in MY Chair, while Person writes MY Blog.

Out of Baby Zara's Way.

Out of Little Pickle's Way.

Person says I look ELEGANT.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

One week later

Little Pickle and Little Zara PLAY TUGGY.

Little Pickle and Little Zara PLAY CHASE.

Zara gets a TOY, Pickle Takes it. Person gives Zara another TOY. Pickle Takes it. Zara gets and Old BONE. Pickle Takes that too.

With no TOYS to PLAY with and no BONES to Chew, Zara Chews Person's Chair Legs instead.

So Person has put the TOYS on the Chair Legs.

Pickle can't now Take the TOYS away.

Zara now Chews TOYS not Chair Legs.

Milly is now Making Friends with Zara. Milly likes Zara Best when she is Asleep.

I like Little Pickle Best when he is Asleep.

Anyway, this is MY Blog.

What About ME.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hello Zara

Little Pickle Said Hello to Baby Zara first.

Little Pickle looks like a BIG Pickle now.

Then I Said Hello to Baby Zara.

She LOOKS a little like ME.

Baby Zara doesn't SMELL like me though.

Then Monty the Mont said Hello to Baby Zara.
Person had to hold Baby Zara when Milly Said Hello.

Milly BARKED at Baby Zara.
Person says Silly Milly is Scared of Baby Zara.

So Silly Milly stays behind the Dog Den for now.
Silly Milly will soon Play with Baby Zara, just like she Played with Little Pickle.
When she gets used to them, Milly is Very Patient with Puppies.
Little Pickle LOVES Baby Zara.

Here they are in Pickle's Little Crate underneath Person's Desk.

Anyway, Baby Zara will grow up one day to be like Marmite only Pale. I loved Poor Marmite so I think I will Love Zara.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Blonde and Beautiful


Zara is the same colour as ME.

Soon there will be Little Pickle AND Little Zara.

Anyway, I still have Four Puppy-Free Days left.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Life can be hard sometimes

Life can be Hard sometimes, when you are a Pip.

Yesterday Person went to see Hector.

Hector is Nine Months Old. Hector is a Miniature Schnauzer.

Hector has Mad Moments just like Little Pickle.

Little Pickle has Mad Moments with his Red Ring.

When Little Pickle has Mad Moments I have to CHASE him.


Person shuts him in his Crate under her desk.


Person shuts me behind our barrier.

She says I look like a Meerkat.

It's not Simples. It's Frustratings.

Anyway, Pickle is now Lying on Bones and Toys and Rubbish in his Little Crate under Person's Desk.

And I am with Monty the Mont and Milly in our Den.

Without Pickle.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Person came home today smelling of PUPPY.



I Push my Nose right down to the Bottom of Person's Big Work Bag.

No PUPPY. Whew.

(Little Pickle has put me off PUPPIES for Ever).

Keeshund Puppies Snuffle. Keeshund Puppies YAWN.

Milly is Very Patient with Little Pickle.

She is Silly Milly.

Anyway, Monty the Mont likes to Dig in Dog Beds. He likes to S
crumple Dog Beds. He likes to Throw Dog Beds About.

Monty has Buried me in Dog Beds.