Sunday, August 28, 2011

One week later

Little Pickle and Little Zara PLAY TUGGY.

Little Pickle and Little Zara PLAY CHASE.

Zara gets a TOY, Pickle Takes it. Person gives Zara another TOY. Pickle Takes it. Zara gets and Old BONE. Pickle Takes that too.

With no TOYS to PLAY with and no BONES to Chew, Zara Chews Person's Chair Legs instead.

So Person has put the TOYS on the Chair Legs.

Pickle can't now Take the TOYS away.

Zara now Chews TOYS not Chair Legs.

Milly is now Making Friends with Zara. Milly likes Zara Best when she is Asleep.

I like Little Pickle Best when he is Asleep.

Anyway, this is MY Blog.

What About ME.

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