Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Milly's Crimes

Person says Milly has been Trying it On.

Person showed Milly that Trying it On Wouldn't Get Her Anywhere.

So Milly is a Good Girl again now. (I like it best when Milly is Trying it On).

Person says it is because she is a Teenager.

Person has made a list of her CRIMES.

She CHEWED the Tea Towel

She CHEWED the Dish Sponge

She BROUGHT INDOORS Burnt Wood from the Bonfire

She CHEWED the edge off the Veranda Mat

And she STOLE a Pack of Drawing Pins and scattered them everywhere.

So Person has now Removed All Opportunities. The Tea Towel is out of reach now, the Dish Sponge is behind the taps, the Bonfire is blocked off, the Vernada Mat is covered, and no Packs of Drawing Pins are left about.

I expect Milly will find a New Crime to do. I hope so.

Anyway, here is Jester's Sister Lolepop with some of the PUPPIES!

And here is Sam who Person went to see last week. Sam is a Girl. Sam looks just like Milly.

Sam doesn't do Teenage Crimes any more now she's 18 months old.

And here is Bella. Bella is a Mix of King Charles Spaniel and Half Chihuahua. (I am a Mix of two things also).
Bella is a very LITTLE dog, and Bella looks very GOOD. But Bella is 11 months old, so she is a Teenager like Milly. Bella Tries It On too.

Anyway, Person says I'm a GOOD BOY now because I have at last Grown Up.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Big black dog and little black dogs

Person's Friend's Patterdale Terrier Lolepop whose brother Jester writes to me on my Blog Zonkboard has just had SEVEN PUPPIES.

The Puppies are Black.

Monty the Mont is Black too.

Person went to see a Black German Shepherd the other day. Her name is Luna.

Luna means MOON.

Black Moon?

Luna is 16 months old and I would like to play with her.

I am a Speed Hound, so I would be able to catch her.

I am a Sight Hound too, but I may not be able to catch Luna in the dark. Unless the Moon is Silvery that is, not Black.

I can always catch Milly in the Dark.

Silly Milly isn't Black.

Milly and I have started a New Hole. A new BLACK Hole.

Person says she wishes she had Caught us In The Act.

Anyway, I am a Hearing Hound too. I can Hear Person Coming.