Friday, March 02, 2012

Sniffing and ........

Person keeps saying Oh Pip do Stop Doing That.

But Why?

She says Pip You Have Been DONE.

WHO has been in my Field during the Night?

Could it be a Rat?

Could it be a Mouse?

Could it be a Rabbit?

Could it be a CAT?

Little Pickle Loves SNIFFING. Little Pickle Runs About SNIFFING all the time.

I Prefer WATCHING. I am a Sight Hound LOOKING (Pickle is Sniffing).

Zara, when she is not Chasing Pickle as he Runs About SNIFFING, likes to Quietly...


and THINK.
Person says Zara Come. Zara STANDS. Zara WATCHES. Zara THINKS.

Then Zara COMES. Quite Slowly.

Anyway, why do PIGEONS Fly?

I have Little Animals in my Field that I Can't Catch, and I have Pigeons in the Sky that I Can't Catch.

But I CAN catch Little Pickle.

Anyway, it may be Milly's Season, but SPRING is MY Season too.

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